The Academy round is the fifteenth special round of the Hive Clan, made by Executive Idealist and first Demonic Hive General mad_hatter_968. This round is the special round required to become a member of the cross-group the Hive's Rage, which is specifically utilized to protect the Hive and its leaders during war. Of all special rounds, this one is quite unique in comparison to ther others in the fact that 1) it cannot hosted by the Matriarch or typical host and 2) it has few finite objectives, and is rather based on judgment by the host. The round is considered a normal special round, as it does not result in a member of special rank, but its difficulty makes it borderline-elite.

As stated, this round will not be hosted or be challenged to by a Matriarch or typical special-ranked host. Rather, only the Demonic Hive General (the lead of the Hive's Rage) is the only host or judge of this round. The Matriarch only hosts this round if absolutely necessary and the DHG is completely unavailable. In addition, this round has no definite objectives, as there are for other special rounds. The round itself is 15 minutes, but the only required objective is to get a persecution on the Demonic Hive General. Otherwise, there are no predetermined kill amount, glitch amount, variety amount, or restricted amount needed to pass the round. Instead, the Demonic Hive General merely analyzes the challenger and decides if he is worthy to pass the round and join the Hive's Rage (this is why the Hive Demonic General must be a trusted and skilled player himself). Therefore, the DHG cannot only be regarded as the host of the round, but rather the judge of it, for the attempting player is basically at the mercy of the General's decision. Those seen high enough by the the Demonic Hive General will then succeed to round and gain passage to the Hive's Rage.

The Academy round is not an elite special round (unlike other group-oriented rounds), nor does it have a finite spectator rule (unlike the Legendary round). On the other hand, it is not simply unlocked with Initiation into the clan. Instead, a Hive member mist at least Mixblood Praetorian rank (prestige 1, rank 10) or higher to gain the ability to do this round, just slighty above the halfway point of the first prestige and unlock point of the Pureblood round.


These are the Hive members the Demonic Hive General has deemed worthy of passing this indefinite round:

  1. piz420
  2. MaxDeadBear
  3. none
  4. none
  5. none
  6. none
  7. none
  8. none
  9. none
  10. none
  11. none
  12. none
  13. none
  14. none
  15. none
  16. none
  17. none