The Hive's official symbol for ACM.


A dead engineer or "space jockey" in Aliens: Colonial Marines, the middle of the 3 games the Hive is in.

 After the Hive Clan's initial 3 years on its home sector of Aliens vs Predator, it expanded to a number of other videogames starting in 2013: Aliens: Colonial Marines, Grand Theft Auto 5 (decommissioned), and Warframe.

Despite these various expansions, the original AvP on Playstation 3 still holds the most activity of any Hive Clan sector, as it still holds the vast majority of Clan modes, games, rounds, and tactics. Unlike the AvP sector, the Hive only has an Aliens: Colonial Marines sector on its starting console of PS3.

Hive Events

Aliens: Colonial Marines is vastly underdeveloped in comparison to the Aliens vs Predator sectors, but still holds more Hive events and activity than some other Hive sectors, such as the GTAV sector.

For special rounds, the ACM sector has had versions of the Initiation, Power, Persecution, and Rank rounds adapted for its gameplay.

A few modes of Hive games have been distinctly created for this sector as well. There exists 3 modes of Hive Races, 3 modes of Hive-and-Seek, and 5 minigames of Hive Strategics on ACM. Hive Strike is the only Hive game ever originally created for the Colonial Marines sector.

The different gameplay, like no free-for-all/deathmatch game modes or same-species fighting, has made much of the Clan's progress in this sector difficult. This has also given rise to many different tactics and ways of playing for the Hive. After having been active for years, it is projected that this sector will remain below that of the more-developed parts of the Clan; thus, it is typically advised that other sectors be visited before this one.

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The Aliens: Colonial Marines cover


Before Age 8 of Updates, no Monarch was appointed jurisdiction of the AvP or ACM sectors on Playstation 3, as the Matriarch directly ruled over them. During the Great Expansion, however, the new Monarch system has placed a Monarch in charge of every sector. The singular Aliens: Colonial Marines sector on PS3 has been placed under joint jurisdiction of the AvP sector on the same console. The current Monarch(s) in charge of these two sectors is sdrbuck234 and MaxDeadBear.