A praetorian alien in Aliens vs Predator, the oldest of the games the Hive is in.

 Over the years of the Hive's existence, it has expanded to a total of four videogames: Aliens vs Predator, Aliens: Colonial Marines, Grand Theft Auto 5 (currently decommissioned), and Warframe.

The Hive originated in 2010, the same year Aliens vs Predator came out. As such, AvP is considered the "home" sector of the Hive, and still currently acts as the most developed and most active sector of the Clan, years after its origin. The Hive had been a solely AvP clan for its first 3 years of activity and it was not until 2013 when Aliens: Colonial Marines came out did the Clan make its first ever expansion there. Following this, the Hive went even further into Grand Theft Auto V in early 2014.

Hive Events

So far, this sector has nearly all of the Hive's games, modes, rounds, and tactics; not a lot of effort has yet been placed in newer sectors to create nearly as many Hive events as on this sector. Currently, the AvP sector has a version of all 17 special rounds: Initiation, Power, Persecution, Council, Guardian, Alpha, Pureblood, Rebirth, Reaper, Rank, Legendary, Bloodslayer, Omega, Academy, Lycan, Badblood, and Matriarch/Monarch special rounds.

It also has modes for all current Hive games. There are 5 modes of Hive Races, 8 modes of Hive-and-Seek, 7 modes of Hive Tournament, 3 modes of King-of-the-Hive, 10 modes of Hive Pureblood Royale, 10 modes of Operation: Hive Frontier, 6 minigames of Hive Strategics, 5 modes of Hive Domination, and 5 modes of Hive Infection. This is a vast majority in comparison to all other videogame sectors.

This game also holds all AvP versions of tactics and glitches the Hive knows. The Hive has much more strength in its AvP sector than in its ACM and Warframe sectors. Of the 3 Aliens vs Predator console sectors, the PS3 sector is the strongest.
Alien Cover

The Aliens vs Predator cover


During the initial ages of Monarchs (Update Ages 4-7), the AvP sector only had a Monarch on its Xbox variant. The Monarch position did not originally exist on Playstation 3, as it had been directly overseen by the Matriarch. When the Monarchs were restructured over Age 8, however, a Monarch was placed in charge of each console version of AvP.

Currently, the sector Monarch in charge of the Playstation 3 Aliens vs Predator is sdrbuck234 and MaxDeadBear (whom both lead the sole ACM sector), the only Co-Monarchs in the Clan. The Monarch in charge of the Xbox360 and PC AvP is trajectory989.