The seventeenth special round of the Hive, the Badblood round was created by Monarch bosu2001 shortly before his reign over the PS3 sector. Following the trope of rounds created under sdrbuck234's Matriarchy, the Badblood round is another special round focused on the predator players of the Hive's Aliens vs Predator sector. Both the host and challenger will be playing as predators. Eponymously named after the outcasts of the yautja species, the Badblood round's name also plays off of the common conception amongst online AvP players that predator weapons such as smartdisc and plasma caster are considered "dishonourable" methods of gameplay, just as badbloods are considered dishonourable in Predator extended lore. It is also partially named in remembrance of the Shadow Lycan subclan, the Bad Bloods.

An unconvential and tradition-breaking round, the Badblood round is the first normal special round to allow predator use of upper-class pickup weapons such as the smartdisc and plasma caster, weapons usually restricted in nearly all special rounds and most Hive games. Due to their use, the host (any possible Matriarch, Monarch, Empress, Queen, or King) will also have the capability to use these weapons as well; furthermore, this round has a heavier concentration of objectives within its time limit to counter the use of the often overpowered weapons. Similar to the Lycan round, the Badblood round must also be unlocked upon reaching a rank in the rank system. In this case, members may not perform Badblood rounds until they are at least Mixblood Ravager (prestige 1, rank 12) rank, near the end of the first prestige.

In Aliens vs Predator

On AvP, the special round is hosted on Jungle. All weapons except proximity mines (of which are not even available on Jungle) are usable, which means weapon-based glitches are also available. The challenger has 10 minutes to complete the allotted objectives. During this, 20 kills must be gotten, 2 different glitches must be performed, and a persecution must be completed on the host. On top of this is one variance; however, this variance is different than that of the 5-kill type variance typically seen in an alien round (like Rebirth, Council, or Omega rounds). Predators do not have access to wall-tailing, thus it will not be included in the variance. In this round, various pickup weapons are usable and therefore are factored into the variance. As such, the variance necessary in Badblood rounds includes one of each for 7 different types of kills: light (and/or jump attack), heavy, finishing (front) grab, stealth (back) grab, combi spear, smartdisc, and plasma caster.

If all objectives are completed in the 10-minute time limit, the challenger has beaten the round and receives a decent reward of 5 rankups.