The Bloodslayer round is the thirteenth round created of the Hive clan, imagined by member numnutsforever. Originally called the Kinslayer round, italian-stal agreed that the word bloodslayer sounded more appealing. This round has a different setup than other rounds made before it, with exception to the Rank round and the "Death" subrounds. This round is, indeed, played with more than 2 players, but it is not a type of Coop round, where everyone playing is against the Matriarch nor a Death round. Instead, this round is played with 3 people, and is in a free-for-all Deathmatch setup, like the Rank round. It is also a normal special round and can be hosted by Empresses, Queens, or Kings.

In Aliens vs Predator

All players, like in other normal rounds, must play as aliens. The participants are the Matriarch (or host) and 2 other challengers. The round itself is 25 minutes, but the overall point of the match is to eliminate the Matriarch and other opponent. The way this round is beaten is not as straightforward as other rounds. This round has 2 parts to it; the Trimatch portion and the Finale portion. The Trimatch portion is first, and begins when the match does. This portion is while all 3 members are still in-game. The Trimatch part cannot end until one player is eliminated. To eliminate a player, whether he is the host or a challenger, one specific player must get 10 kills and one persecution on another specific player. (*Note: this is a possible time for 2 of the players to make an alliance to eliminate the third and go on; however, only one of the players must get the kills and persecution, as the 2 combined efforts do not count.) If one of the 3 players is persecuted and killed 10 times by the same player, then they are out. Once one person is out, the Finale portion begins. When this happens, the 2 remaining players still in have all their kills against each other reset; the parts of this round were particularly creates so that one player could eliminate one person (while partially killing the other in the process), then easily finish off the other person to win the round. The parts were created so the final 2 people would be at an even level. In the Finale part, one player must get 15 kills on the other, as well as 1 persecution, and 1 kill of every type of alien attack (claw, tail, stealth, and finishing), but not wall-tailing. Once one player does this to another, that player is out and the last one standing wins the round. The reward for beating this round is 6 rankups, a significant amount for defeating 2 opponents.

This round gives out 6 rankups to the winner, a large prize. This would mean anyone of Facehugger rank would automatically be a Predalien rank.