The Hive game Hive Domination is the tenth game of the clan. Domination was invented by Hive members TheHunter_Saint (TheHunters_Mars), SLICKZONE (Dark_Lycan108), XxPioneer76xX, and italian-stal. This Hive game is played as a 3-way war between 3 groups in AvP, therefore it can be played as a Species Team Deathmatch setup or normal Deathmatch setup, depending on the mode. The usual maps for this game are Ruins or Gateway for AvP, although Crash Site may also be used if possible. This game is played similar to Operation: Hive Frontier, as the first team to win 2 battles out of 4 possible wins the reward. A tiebreaker may be needed if one team wins the first round and another team wins another. The winning team gets a grand reward, like OHF. The entire winning team ranks up, excpet this time twice. This goes for all modes. Because of the 3-way fight, 9-18 people can play this mode. Despite the name, this Hive game is not played in Domination mode of AvP.

Due to its 3-team setup and requirement of at least 9 players at minimum to proceed, Hive Domination is considered the largest-scale Hive game.

Apex Mode

Apex mode of Hive Domination was the original idea thought of by TheHunter_Saint. Here, there is a 3-way battle between aliens, predators, and marines. This mode shows which team is the apex, or dominant species. Therefore, this can be played in Species Team or Deathmatch setups. All 3 teams recieve their own area of the map, which in Ruins and Gateway, is possible. The aliens usually recieve the caves; the predators usually recieve the jungle; the marines usually recieve the compound area of Gateway. In Ruins, the marines get the overpass; the aliens get the tree room; the predators recieve the pillar room. The goal of this match is to take over the other teams' areas. The alien team is the Royals (like OHF), the predators team is called the Hunters, and the marines are called Battalion 426. Each team chooses a team leader, of which the Matriarch or upper-level member is the leader of the Royals group. The team leader must stay in the area they began at the beginning of the match. Here, the members of each team either choose to protect their leader or go out and attempt to recieve other areas. The predators may use proximity mines and combi sticks only. Marines may not use smartguns. Before the match begins, each team must wait 1 minute to group in their home area and plan on offenders, defenders, and tactics. No killing of any kind happens here, not until the first minute is up. To take over another team's area, one of the attackers of another team must kill the team leader. The killer of the leader becomes the new team's leader. However, the team may choose to repent and attacker their new foreign leader, which killing them will reinstate authority to the original team leader. However, each team can only destroy a new leader from each team 3 times each. Throughout the match, one team may need to kill a foreign leader up to 6 times overall. After 3 loses of a leader to another team, they can no longer deny their new leader. Here, all teams must do this to both other teams. Even if a foreign leader is in charge of another team, the third other team can usurp them. If the foreign leader can already invaded and became in charge 3 times, they are regiven authority upon freedom. If they have not done this 3 times, the original team's leader is once again leading. A captured team now fights for the side their team leader is on. Even if a team has not repented 3 times to each team, they may surrender if they feel it is not worth it, to which the territory is then free gain to whomever recieves it first. The first team to have 3 team leaders in it (all 3 territories) wins. This is a series of battles, so the first team to win 2 battles is rewarded 2 rankups per member.
Alien vs Predator

In Apex mode, it is time to test who the dominant species is.

Genocide Mode

Genocide mode was invented by the Hive's third Matriarch italian-stal. This mode is the same as Apex mode, except all players are all the same exact species. Therefore, this must be played in Deathmatch mode. In this case, it is called Genocide mode because a species is killing itself through vigorous 3-way war. Now that it is Deathmatch, and all teams are the same species, how does one tell themselves from other teams? The answer is simple: each team must use the same skin. For example, 3 teams of aliens could be praetorians, warriors, and drones (warrior domes). The three teams here are the Royals (host's team), the K-Series (another team), and the Purebloods (another team). This distinction will keep players segregated, but only from a closer point-of-view. Now, the gameplay is the same as Apex mode to take over other players' domains. Because all teams are the same species, each team may choose their third of the map (see Apex mode for sectors). Unfortunately, all players of the same skin means no distinction of a leader. This is the challenge, therefore all team leaders at least convey they will be team leaders to other teams before the match. This way, members of each team must keep track of who they kill to keep track of if they become foreign leaders to a team. Once again, a team can only deny a foreign leader from each team 3 times before they must surrender. They may also surrender beforehand. Once one team controls all 3 areas through 3 leaders, that team wins the 2 rankups per member. This is a series of battles, so the first team to beat 2 matches (battles) wins the reward.

Capture-the-Leader Mode

Another mode of Hive Domination, Capture-the-Leader introduces a game that Hive members have wanted but have long not been able to do: capture-the-flag, which can only be played with the flexible leader status of Hive Domination. If one has not already guessed, this mode of Domination is different from all the others, as territory is not the prime aspect of winning this time. Instead, the availability of each team's leaders is the winning factor. Just like in Apex mode, the 3 teams will consist of the 3 species and will be played in Species Team Deathmatch setup. Each team, like normal, must vote on their team leader for all 3 teams. The names of the teams are the same as Apex: Royals, Hunters, and Battalion 426. Each team's leader has extra weapon use, like in Apex. Only the Royals leader can wall tail, only the Battalion leader can use shotgun, and only the Hunters leader can use combi stick (this time no mines, but regular predators cannot use any weapon). Just like before, each team is assigned a zone. In this mode, teams get to choose their zones; they ate not already assigned (this allows more variety). The whole point of this game is not to control other teams' zones, like before, but rather capture each team's leader and bring them back to their own zone to get points. Just like in other modes, team leaders are stuck within their zone (unless they are in a captured state). Other team members of each team will go out to capture other leaders. To capture a leader, one must simply attack the leader once (with a bullet, light attack, or heavy attack). The leader is then captured and must follow the captor back to their zone. Killing the leader, however, will merely reset the leader and they will return back to their correct zone. The team leader may fight until one hit befalls them; then they cannot fight the captor. To recieve a point, a Leadman (one in control of a leader) must escort the leader to the center of their zone, then that team receives one point. Once the leader is in the center, the Leadman must then kill the leader to properly recieve the point (do not kill the leader until they are escorted to the center of one's zone). If a Leadman is killed by the other teams, then the Leadman is no longer a Leadman and the killer now has possession of the leader. If a team rescues its own leader from a Leadman, their leader returns to his proper zone and no points are gained. To win, one team must capture and recieve points from each leader of the 2 other teams 5 times or 10 times each (this is voted on before the game, the 5-Point Method or 10-Point Method). Overall, the winning team must have 10 or 20 points to win that battle. Just like the other modes, each match is one battle and the first teams to win 2 battles (and or recieve those 10-20 points again) wins true whole game. Each team member of the winning team gets 2 rankups.

Annihilation Mode

Annihilation mode is the 4th mode of Hive Domination, created by XxPioneer76xX during the reign of sdrbuck234. Again utilizing the species team setup on AvP, the Royals, Hunters, and Battalion 426 will be facing off in a life-based version of Domination not dissimilar to that of Blitzkrieg mode of Operation: Hive Frontier. In this mode, all alien players may utilize wall tailing, all marines may use all weapons except smartguns, and all predator players may use mines and spears; team leaders do not have exclusive weapon abilities in this mode. Leaders for each team must once again be determined before each match. During the first minute, teams and their leaders will go to each of their respective zones. When the game begins, each team's objective is simple: wipe out the other teams and remain the last team standing. To do this, a team must make sure the other teams' members lose all of their respective lives. In this case, any non-team leader players will have 3 lives each, while the team leaders each have 6 lives, making the leaders important contributors for their team, but not necessary components to win as in other modes. All players may traverse the entire map once the game starts; team leaders do not have to stay in their zones as with the other modes of Domination. Once a player has lost all of their lives, however, they must return to their home zone of the map and remain there until the match ends. If members from other teams come into that zone, though, players who are out may still kill active players that invade their zone to speed up the game's progress. This allows a team, even if all of their members are out, still participate in the game and cause other players to lose lives if they enter that team's zone. The last team to have at least one member have any lives left wins the match. From here, more matches will be played until a team wins 2 total matches first, effectively winning the whole game and 2 rankups each.

Dominion Mode

Dominion mode, originally coined Alliance mode, is another mode of Domination inspired by italian-stal. Released during the same update as Annihilation mode, Dominion acts as the culmination and resolution of ideas previously proposed for Domination but having been ultimately rejected. This mode again takes use of the species team match setup for its gameplay, and is often played on Ruins, Gateway, and Crash Site. For this iteration of Domination, only the Royals team leader may use wall-tailing once again, the marine team leader only may use the scoped rifle while all other weapons except the smartgun are usable for the other players, and the predators may all use mines but only the team leader may use the smartdisc. In this mode, teams will head to their zones for the first minute; once the game begins, it will be normal team member's duties to attempt to find and kill the opposing team leaders as with other modes. However, in Dominion mode members are not attempting to capture team leaders or take their authority for themselves; rather, teams are attempting to absorb other teams into their ranks by taking out their leaders. Each team leader has 3 lives relative to the other 2 teams (for example, the Royals team leader has 3 lives the Hunters must attempt to take out and a separate 3 lives Battalion 426 must attempt to take out, neither of the sets of lives affected by the other team). If one team's members successfully kill another team's leader 3 times, the latter team now becomes a captured part of the former team and can no longer actively seek to take control of the former master team. When one team takes control of another, both involved teams' leaders' lives will be reset in accordance to the other teams (so both leaders now have 3 lives relative to the opposing teams just as at the start of the game). As of this point, these 2 teams now act as one and share each others' territories (meaning their team leaders may move freely between each other's zones) and will attempt to collectively take out the third and final team. From here, multiple things may occur: 1.) the larger double-team will successfully take out the third team's leader, thus ending the game and causing the master team (the one that first captured the another team) to win. 2.) If the third team takes out the team leader of the subordinate (controlled) team, that team now is under the jurisdiction of the third team, and the original master team is now the solo team (effectively changing the tides in favour of the third team). 3.) If the third team takes out the team leader of the master team, then game essentially resets, with all 3 teams once again being independent of one another and all team leaders' lives being reset. A match will continue to progress to a double-team and any repetition of possibilities 2 and 3 until finally possibility 1 occurs. When one master team controls all players in-game, the match is over. As with other modes, multiple matches will then be played until one team wins 2 matches first, upon which the winning team receives 2 rankups each.