As an online clan that has lasted a number of years, history is an important part of the Hive that all members can learn if they see their Matriarch. Empresses of the Council, Kings of Elite Mixbloods, and Queens of the Bulwark are required to know this as well, so members can see other special ranks for information. So far, the clan has had 8 Matriarchs (technically 11 total leaders) and has expanded both intraclanwise and interclanwise throughout the years since its known origin in 2010, the year the Aliens vs Predator game came out. This clan is also known to have started in AvP, but the clan has spread to Aliens: Colonial Marines (2013), Grand Theft Auto V (2015), and Warframe (2013) as well. For the most part, however, AvP currently retains almost all activity of the Hive, with the ACM and Warframe sectors also active. The Grand Theft Auto sector is currently decommissioned.

Xeno Queen

Notable Hive events

This is a short list of the most noteworthy Hive events in the Hive's history. More about each can be read in the following sections:

  • Hive Inchoation (Creator Hive)
  • Hive Dark Ages (Matriarch Hive)
  • Modern Hive Age (Modern Hive)
  • DARKWOLFPHOENIX's reign (0)
  • Matriarch X's reign (?)
  • BadassOfDOD's reign (I)
  • cz1420's reign (II)
  • italian-stal's reign (III)
  • dragonsrule4444's reign (IV)
  • sdrbuck234's reign (V)
  • XenoWarrior6's reign (VI)
  • Trajectory989's reign (VII)
  • Vincent_Bishop90's reign (VIII)
  • The Great Unity
  • ACM Expansion
  • Xbox360 Expansion
  • GTA5 Expansion
  • PC Expansion
  • Warframe Expansion
  • The Great Expansion
  • The Expansion Trial
  • The High Council Trial
  • The 2013 Recession
  • The 2015 Recession
  • The Creator Uprising (BadassOfDOD vs. italian-stal)
  • The Creator Trial (BadassOfDOD vs. Hive)
  • Lycan Battles (Shadow Lycans vs. Hive, friendly)
  • The Great Threat (Legion vs. Hive)
  • The Raven Threat Alliance (Mystravens vs. Hive)
  • The Ravenhawk Conspiracy (Mystravens vs. Mysthawks vs. Hive)
  • The Ravenhawk Trial (Telecommando946 vs. Hive)
  • The Subclan Ousting (Death Deelers vs. Elite Hunters)
  • The Wolf War (Wolfpack / USCM vs. Hive)
  • The Undertaker Threat (Skullcrushers vs. Xbox Hive)
  • The 2016 Intraclan Conflict (Immortal Resurrection vs. Shield)
  • Project Freelancer (Colony Clan vs. Hive)
  • The Hive Cold War (MaxDeadBear vs. Vincent_Bishop90)
  • The Juventus Schism (Juventus vs. Hive)
  • The Juventus Trial (XenoWarrior6 vs. Juventus)
  • The Juventus Conspiracy (bosu2001 vs. Hive)
  • The Empress Tournament
  • The Empress Tournament II
  • The Queen Tournament
  • The King Tournament
  • The Winter Tournament
  • The Ultimate Tournament
  • The Matriarch Tournament
  • The Monarch Tournament
  • The Summer Tournament
  • The Combo Tournament
  • The Veteran Tournament

Update Ages

Clan history is typically organized by the reigns of each Matriarch; however, Clan history can also be categorized under particular ages of Clan updates, albeit this system mostly emphasizes the historical events that occur under the modern Hive, that of the Clan during and after the reign of italian-stal (after the Dark Ages) when many of the current systems and practices were started:

  • Hive Dark Ages (Age 0): Feb 2010 - Nov 2012
  • Origin Era (Age 1): Nov 2012 - Feb 2013
  • Apex Era (Age 2): March - July 13, 2013
  • DOD Era (Age 3): July 14 - Aug 24, 2013
  • Recession Era (Age 4): Aug 25, 2013 - Feb 1, 2014
  • Tournament Era (Age 5): Feb 2 - Oct 13, 2014
  • Xbox Era (Age 6): Oct 14, 2014 - Aug 3, 2015
  • Dragons' Era (Age 7): Aug 4, 2015 - Aug 22, 2016
  • Monarch Era (Age 8): Aug 23, 2016 - Aug 22, 2017
  • Bosu's Era (Age 9): Aug 23, 2017 - May 22, 2018
  • Juventus Era (Age 10): May 23 - Aug 9, 2018
  • Reformation Era (Age 11): August 10, 2018 - Jan 4, 2019
  • Current era (Age 12): Jan 5, 2019 - present

Recon Elites

Hive Inchoation

According to clan history by the time the third Matriarch ascended to power in November 2012, the Hive Clan was created in 2010 by BadassOfDOD. Within a month of Alien vs Predator's release in 2010, a clan by the name of the Hive had been founded by players BURNING-WITCH_, CHAKRAMMblade (who would be considered by many to be the best xenomorph player of all time), and DARKWOLFPHOENIX. This Hive was originally lead by these three triumvirs now known as the Creators, as the Matriarch rank in this Clan had yet to be invented. This was the case for a short while, until BURNING-WITCH_ and CHAKRAMMblade no longer wanted to rule the Hive alongside their partner PHOENIX. (However, CHAKRAMMblade would later return and become an Empress). The other two Hive Creators ultimately decided to leave the clan under the hands of their fellow Creator, DARKWOLFPHOENIX, before disappearing from the Clan. DARKWOLFPHOENIX, appointed leader by fellow original Creators, became the first single ruler of this Hive, eventually being deemed "Matriarch." Although PHOENIX was a Matriarch, his lineage of Matriarchy would not align with another congruent Hive around the same time, lending him to be referred to as the Alternative or "zeroth" Matriarch. His reign would be short-lived, having lasted only a few months before he too took his leave. PHOENIX had left the clan to a subleader and righthand of his, but unfortunately the name of said individual has been lost with time. It is known that the Hive under this individual, referred to only as Matriarch X, resulted in the eventual death of the Clan likely due to inactivity or abandonment. The period that this Hive lasted before its eventual collapse is known as the Inchoation. Spooky799kil

The history of this Hive would be integrated into another concurrently existing Hive's history, lending to this entity to be named the Creator Hive. Its reveal and acceptance would not be until the rule of italian-stal (months or a year after its decline), where alice_170 would introduce its existence to the standing Hive of the time. Unfortunately, the lack of knowledge in the Creator Hive's existence has resulted in much of the information about the Clan being limited. According to early players of the Clan that had returned later during the Hive's run, as well as information provided by CHAKRAMMblade, the Inchoation period was well-received by members active at the time. A simpler period in Hive history, the Inchoation held no need for members to pass an Initiation, but rather only provide their desire of whether or not they wanted to be in the Clan, along with one of the Creator's approval. This led to a very quick accumulation of members, approximated by the death of the Creator Hive to be somewhere in the hundreds. Hive Inchoation

The Creator Hive had been created and designed as a competitive clan by the Creators, playing in clan battles with the likes of other early competitive and elite clans such as the Shadow Lycans, Immortal Bloodz, and New Breeds. This competitive environment focused on clan warfare would supposedly continue through the Inchoation and the rule of DARKWOLFPHOENIX and Matriarch X. It would be the solo rule of BadassOfDOD that would likely first see the Hive begin its time as a more-isolated entity focused on straightforward Aliens vs Predator match gameplay (a clan more accurately described as a basic clan under modern Hive standards). Competitive interclan gameplay would not again be seen in the Hive until midway through italian-stal's reign years later, given the protocols of the other standing Hive by the time of his ascension. Specific details following these early clan wars and battles have since been lost with the rule of cz1420 and the historical standard known by the Clan thereafter. BURNING-WITCH Matriarch series


Alongside the existence of the Creator Hive, player BadassOfDOD would create his own Hive around the same time near the start of AvP's online run, making him in his own right a Creator of sorts. This would be one of a series of 3 clans he would create based on the three species classes of the game, with the Hive acting as an alien-based clan; the Wolfpack (later a Hive ally after the Wolf War) would represent predators, and the USCM would be for marines. Over the course of his reign, DOD had been known for leading all 3 of these clans and for establishing the Matriarch as the leader of the clan, making him the first Matriarch of this Hive Clan, which would be later be known as the Matriarch Hive. As Matriarch, BadassOfDOD created the first special round, Matriarch rounds, to make sure none would end up getting the Matriarch position without having defeated the currently standing leader in a one-on-one battle. All subsequent Matriarchs as a part of the Matriarch's lineage have since come to power by beating such a round (with exception to Trajectory989), nor have those of the other 5 special ranks -- with exception to executive Hive Trial decisions or clanwide Tournament rewards. BadassOfDOD 1

The retrospective view of BadassOfDOD's reign is wrought with controversy, however. By the time italian-stal had ascended to power, it was accepted that BadassOfDOD was the original and only creator of the Hive. By Matriarch Hive standards, this was true. However, revelation of the Creator Hive's existence by alice_170 would confuse much of the Hive's history for subsequent years all the way until Vincent_Bishop90's reign.

AvP continued its popular run during this era, and DOD was reported to have recruited around 500 members of the by the end of his rule. Not only that, but during their reigns the Initiation round still had yet to be created, so the process of joining still remained short and simple while they were in charge. Because of the erasure of DARKWOLFPHOENIX from clan history by DOD, it is unknown how his reign was received by members under his rule. It is known that BadassOfDOD's solo reign had relatively positive reception at its time of progress, but this has with time become much more negatively criticized after the uncovering of the fallacies created during it and its rules that emphasized Matriarch-centric gameplay. Additionally, the actions of BadassOfDOD to originally change the Hive from a competitive clan (indirectly causing it to later be an entertainment clan) would be criticized from Inchoation-era initiates as far down the line as during the reign of Trajectory989 seven years later; this would cause the creation of the New Hive Clan, led by i_am_frog-jta, to embody the original competitive spirit using a Hive nomer. At the end of the "first" Matriarch's reign, Hive initiate cz1420 challenged DOD to a Greater Matriarch round in the end of 2011. cz1420 won, and became the next Matriarch. PHOENIX Usurpation

BadassOfDOD's Return

In June of 2013, BadassOfDOD returned to the clan and became the fourth Empress of the original Council. However, as prior Hive creator, BadassOfDOD challenged italian-stal to a Matriarch round, regardless of the fact that the Matriarch rule clearly states Empresses cannot challenge the Matriarch for Matriarchy. Yet, italian-stal was curious and allowed the rule to be broken once. BadassOfDOD only had one chance to beat the third Matriarch to a Matriarch round, but he lost and had a special block placed on him, forbidding him from becoming a Matriarch again under all future leaders. The round, for 30 minutes, had a score of 40 to 5, italian-stal winning by mass majority and persecuting DOD 5 times. This past Hive event is known as the Creator Uprising. Later, BadassOfDOD continued his disrespectful ways against not only those of natural rank, but against other Empresses. Therefore, he was voted to be exiled in the first Hive Trial and was gone for a short time (known as the Creator Trial). Soon after, DOD (as a creator) claimed rights to the Hive name, forcing the clan to temporarily name itself the Matriarch Hive, the name that would later characterize his branch of the Modern Hive. Later, BadassOfDOD was allowed to return to the (Matriarch) Hive under a Hive Requiem Resurrection, starting again at Mixblood Facehugger(prestige 1, rank 1) rank. He thereafter returned the Hive's original name. Soon after, during the 2013 Recession, DOD then challenged the Hive to war with his Wolfpack Clan, which he later refuted. Today, he is in the Clan but is not an active participant.


Cz1420 Matriarch series Leader cz1420 was the second Matriarch of the Hive under BadassOfDOD's historical standard, technically third overall. During his reign, he introduced ranks to the common members of the Hive. He is commonly referred to as "Oliver" by first Matriarch BadassOfDOD, similar to how member the_guy_who_wins is commonly referred to as "Myles" and Monarch trajectory989 is also called "Nic." He created the Facehugger, Drone, Praetorian, and Ravager ranks, making the Hive have 5 ranks in all, including the Matriarch rank. cz1420 also created the Initiation round, which meant new members needed to pass an initiation to join, rather than just saying they were members. His reign is also restricted under the AvP game, which at his reign was slightly less popular than it had been. He had initiated 500 members, making the count of members by the end of his reign 1400 players. Cz1420

The reign of cz1420 had primarily mixed reception; despite adding ranks for the normal members, this Matriarch primarily kept the same systems as the leaders before him. The introduction of normal ranks combined with this system led to an even more Matriarch-focal organization, where members' ranks were often a reflection of their direct participation and loyalty towards the clan leader; these principles would be altered towards that of individualism and open interpretation of dedication by following Matriarchs. As such, cz1420 is considered the last of the Matriarchs adhering to these leader-centric policies and lack of individualized clan events, a collective time referred to as the Hive Dark Ages, which mostly correlates to the reigns of DARKWOLFPHOENIX to cz1420 and excludes the triumvirate rule of the Inchoation (though in Update Eras includes the Inchoation). In late November 2012, new Hive member italian-stal challenged cz1420 after only being in the clan for a week. italian-stal won the Matriarch round, and became the third Matriarch.


The player italian-stal was the third Matriarch (technically fourth), and held the longest reign of any Matriarch at nearly 3 years. During his Matriarchy, italian-stal had introduced the most new things to the Clan of any Matriarch to date, and is most well-known for completely reestablishing the Hive's simpler systems and modes from the Dark Ages, beginning the time of the Modern Hive. No major changes to the Clan would be made after his Matriarchy until sdrbuck234 during Age 8. Italian-stal 1

One such addition was more ranks. It was italian-stal that introduced the Chestburster, Runner, Warrior, Predalien, Carrier, Bull Alien, Boiler, Crusher, Xenorex, Palatin, Rhino Alien, Deacon, Queen, King, Empress, and Monarch ranks, making the total 21 ranks, special and normal. Besides the Initiation and Matriarch rounds, italian-stal had established 13 new special rounds. These include the Power, Persecution, Council, Pureblood, Legendary, Rebirth, Reaper, Rank, Alpha, Bloodslayer, Omega, Academy, and Guardian rounds. italian-stal had also created 11 of the Hive's historic games. These include Hive Races, Hive-and-Seek, Hive Sumo (now part of Tournament), Hive Tournament, King-of-the-Hive, Hive Pureblood Royale, Operation: Hive Frontier, Hive Strategics, Hive Domination, Hive Strike (now a part of Strategics), Hive Infection, and Hiveball (now a part of Frontier). Some of these games, though, are from other members' ideas, for italian-stal was the first Matriarch to take in other members' ideas for events, and making many of them official games. Hive activities like Training, Hive Tours, Trials, and Hive Connections had also been introduced. This Matriarch had also introduced the Hive to the Council, the organized group of the clan's top leaders. The groups of the Bulwark of the Royals, the Hivebloods, the Mixblood Elites, the Hive's Rage, and the Hive of Fame, as well as the prestige system were created under italian-stal. This Matriarch wanted a way to share his authority to those who have earned it, as well as help him with some of the Hive's affairs. Italian

Finally, italian-stal was the first Matriarch to expand the Hive, starting with Aliens: Colonial Marines. This was followed by Grand Theft Auto 5. The ACM sector ultimately had a number of modes and rounds adapted for its gameplay, but has not reached the prominence of the original AvP sector. The GTA5 sector was much more restricted in Hive events and was eventually decommissioned during sdrbuck234's reign. This made italian-stal the first Matriarch to control a multi-videogame clan. He also introduced the Hive to Xbox360 and crowning his brother trajectory989 the first Monarch, making the Hive a 2-console clan. He managed to outrule his sibling as well due to trajectory989 willingly handing over the clan to sdrbuck234 (originally Powergamer1998).

From September 2013 to January 2014, italian-stal went on a 4-month haitus, leaving the Hive to temporary co-Matriarchs mad_hatter_968 and chaosshadow18, as well as having Dark_Lycan108, MULTIPLAYER1999, and alice_170 as temporary Empresses. This is known as the 2013 Recession, although it ended in early 2014.

By the time his reign ended, italian-stal had initiated over 600 people, having the clan reach 2000 members. The reign of italian-stal had very high acclaim both within the clan and by its allies, the Hive having made few enemies under italian-stal. It is said italian-stal was the Matriarch that first brought the organized systems of the Modern Hive to the Clan, better unifying its members since the Dark Ages. The Hive had been re-formulated with all of its new, specialized events to be an entertainment clan, one focused on the progress of individual members without the need to fight to get involved in other clan warfare. However, italian-stal would also be the first Matriarch since DARKWOLFPHOENIX to increase (and then reduce) interaction with outside clans, changing the amount of interclan competition and involvement to which Hive members were exposed, making the Hive -- for a short time once again -- a pseudo-competitive clan as well, one of the few controversial actions made by the leader. The Matriarch wished for the friendly environment of the clan to be utilized and made it objective to stay out of clan wars and other interclan business; despite this, it was under italian-stal that many master or professional gamers from high clans began joining the Hive again for the first time since Inchoation. Italian-stal fanart 1

Later during the long-running leader's time of power, he held various clanwide tournaments (Empress, Queen, King, Winter, Ultimate, Matriarch) to make elite special rounds easier so that new subleaders would arise. The reason for this was because Matriarch italian-stal had evolved as a player so much during his reign that he became one of the most-powerful xenomorph players in the game, making the old special rounds nearly impossible against his host. As such, no Hive member could usurp him forcifully, as the Matriarch Road provided too much of a challenge to nearly any member if it was against the skillset of italian-stal. As such, the Matriarch had to allow a challenger to beat him at the Matriarch round during the Matriarch Tournament based on his personal decision, a usurpation not seen in any previous exchanges of Matriarchy. Ultimately italian-stal chose to lose the Lesser Matriarch round against his apprentice and previous Deacon dragonsrule4444 in the Tournament, making her the successor and him the longest Hive leader to date. italian-stal would remain in the Clan as an Empress and later Monarch of the Playstation 3 sectors under dragonsrule4444 and sdrbuck234, continuing onward as the Clan's Executive Consultant in later years where he would receive a positive but more criticized reception.


Dragonsrule4444 Matriarch series Over the course of the Matriarch Tournament, dragonsrule4444 was given leadership of the Hive by italian-stal, thus becoming the first female Matriarch as of August 4, 2015. Like the first few Matriarchs (who changed the clan very little since its creation), the Hive under dragonsrule4444 remained rather static and primarily followed the systems and regulations set forth under italian-stal. One of the major changes that were enstated under dragons' rule was the Clan's expansion to the PC sector via decision by Xbox Council and sdrbuck234 during his Monarchy.

Matriarch dragonsrule4444 was most known, however, for the massive recession that took place over the course of her reign and the relatively poor reception she had received for her leadership, many older members claiming her rule to be much less successful than the prior Matriarch's and constantly asking her to step down from her position. Shortly after her rule started, dragons became increasingly busy and was unable to perform online as Matriarch, causing the 8-month recession, known better as the 2015 Recession. This recession became even more infamous than the well-known 2013 Recession during italian-stal's reign before the Wolf War. Additionally, a near Hive civil war almost occurred during the summer at the end of dragons' reign thanks to the actions of two subclans, Immortal Resurrection and the Shield, having had problems mostly held between their leaders, MaxDeadBear and forruner4; the disagreement affected clan activity for a portion of summer 2016 but was luckily kept to a lower level of conflict thanks to intraclan mediation by Hive subleaders. This event became simply known as the 2016 Intraclan Conflict. Dragonsrule4444

Although the Recession outraged several Hive members from italian-stal's rule, it was the 2015 Recession that finally jumpstarted the clan in the following April. Due to the Recession, Hive members were finally able to become more reliant upon their other subleaders (rather than the Matriarch) and detach from their reliance upon italian-stal for events, a problem commonly faced during the third Matriarch's reign. Empress Lotusofthesand became an important factor in resurrecting the clan, acting shortly as the Temporary Matriarch before dragons' return the following summer. Because the Recession caused many of the older members from italian's time to leave, the period following saw a new generation of Hive members being initiated in summer of 2016, over 100 more new Hive members having been initiated during her rule. The Monarch Tournament was held over in the Xbox sector, while the Summer Tournament had been attempted during this time, but was unsuccessful. By summer's end, however, dragonsrule had decided to relinquish her Matriarchy due to possibility of another Recession. It was by August's end that she had chosen to lose a Greater Matriarch round to long-experienced Monarch sdrbuck234, giving him the final step to full clan leadership.


Sdrbuck234 Years before sdrbuck234 became the fifth (overall sixth) Matriarch, he had been initiated during the early reign of italian-stal. Over that time, he had been a dedicated member in the PS3 sector, ultimately becoming a King in the 2014 King Tournament. Shortly after, he left the Playstation sector to seek power in the newer Xbox360 sector, which had unsuccessfully been ruled by Monarch trajectory989 up to that point. Buck -- known as Powergamer1998 on Xbox -- was given the Monarch position, and with it caused the Xbox Hive to thrive, initiating hundreds of members and upholding Hive rules before finally returning to the PS3 years later. With his experience, he had attempted the Matriarch Road in spring 2016, only be be stopped by dragonsrule4444 at the time. Bloodygammawolf acted as temporary Monarch of the Xbox during this endeavour. He did with his Monarchy manage to expand to PC soon after his failure, though, and a season later he returned to find dragonsrule searching for a successor. He finally took the clan leader position, and for the first time in the Clan's history, a Matriarch held rule over all sectors of the Clan (Xbox, PS3, PC, AvP, ACM, GTAV), and the need for Monarch had been eliminated.

Because of this, sdrbuck234 had a Hive Trial created in May 2017 to change the role of Monarch to a more useful position. It was here that it was stressed that new Monarchs would now become assigned leaders in charge of a particular sector of the Hive. This had become necessary at the time due to the plans for the Hive's Great Expansion, the time the Hive attempted expanding to new games on new consoles to maintain the Clans existence (due to the aging of the home sector on PS3 AvP). This began with the expansion to PS4's Warframe, and the Trial integrating these major changes and starting the plans of the Great Expansion would later be known as the Expansion Trial. Combo Score 1

Matriarch sdrbuck234 managed to perform above the standards of dragonsrule, keeping the clan from experiencing another Recession, and thus had a more successful reception by members. This Matriarch also managed to release the first full Hive event since italian-stal with Hive Talent (albeit this game would later be decommissioned to Talent mode of Hive Strategics, as well as the first new special rounds in nearly 3 years, the Lycan round and Badblood round. The highly successful Combo Tournament was also held under sdrbuck's rule, surpassing the Winter Tournament under italian-stal and the Summer Tournament under dragonsrule as the most active clanwide event in modern Hive history. He had also ruled the Clan the second-longest of any clan leader at nearly two years, and managed to have approximately 350 new Hive members brought in under his rule.

Near the end of sdrbuck234's reign, however, the Monarchy position he had established on PlayStation 3 would be split between two people to make a Co-Monarchy, which began as shared power between bosu2001 and de_ALPHA__ that would induce the beginning of a Hive Cold War that would not later become truly relevant until the following Matriarch's rule. Over the next few months, the Co-Monarchy would shift to other leaders, with bosu2001 remaining consistent. However, during the historic High Council Trial at the start of the 2018 summer season, the Co-Monarchy would be entirely replaced with new leaders after bosu2001 decided to step down. This decision influenced sdrbuck234 to renounce his Matriarch position so that he could become one of the two new Co-Monarchs, alongside long-time aspiring candidate MaxDeadBear. sdrbuck234 would decide during the Trial to lose a Lesser Matriarch round to long time Hive member and previous leader of the resurrected Shadow Lycans, XenoWarrior6. This would herald in a new clan era as Age 10 began in summer 2018.


XenoWarrior6, an alien player first brought into the Hive during the later rule of italian-stal, had originally been known for her propensity to show up intermittently throughout clan history over the course of her three years in the clan before ascending to be the sixth Matriarch (technically seventh) on May 23, 2018. She had further garnered online reputation for herself with her induction into the second-generation Shadow Lycans, remaining in it to later become its full leader during the third generation of Lycan members beginning in 2017. While her leadership was to spell the garnering of a new, more entertainment clan-esque clan, these plans were cut short by bosu2001 retaking the Joint Leader position during his time as Co-Monarch under sdrbuck234. She would still build her reputation despite this by creating fan-art for the both the Hive and Shadow Lycans' legacies. It would not be until the High Council Trial before summer of 2018 that she would become a clan leader again; she had been selected as a normal-ranked member to attend the Hive Trial by preference of bosu2001, as she had been a potential candidate to succeed one of the Co-Monarchs in the Trial. Ultimately, the Co-Monarchy was entirely replaced, with sdrbuck234 and the Council's decision to make XenoWarrior6 the next Hive Clan leader so that sdrbuck could return to his familiar rank of Monarch. This would make XenoWarrior6 the first Matriarch to take a Matriarch position with no prior Hive special rank experience since italian-stal's usurpation of cz1420 six years prior.

Little clanwide conduct would change under XenoWarrior's reign, though this was largely in part due to a lack of presence of XenoWarrior6 during a majority of her rule, similar to dragonsrule4444. Outside of some new Hive game modes and the merging of Hiveball, Hive Strike, and Hive Talent into other, more successful Hive games, no new major Hive events or expansions occurred under XenoWarrior6, although approximately 100 new members were brought in during this time. While the time period under XenoWarrior6 was relatively active during Age 10, her rule was almost universally panned by fellow subleaders and numbers of Hive members due to her involvement and conduction of a deceitful series of acts against Deacon and later Monarch SEl_Shaarawy92 and his Hive subclan, Juventus, as well as her continued absence and difficulty in being communicated for clan decisions. The combination of these factors allowed for the problems with Juventus to persist for a decent portion of summer 2018 and XenoWarrior's leadership, ultimately causing the Juventus subclan to change administration multiple times and leave the Hive for a short period, a time eventually referred to as the Juventus Schism. Despite the complications the riddled the time of XenoWarrior6, the very successful Veteran Tournament was able to commence under XenoWarrior6 thanks primarily to the actions of italian-stal and Vincent_Bishop90. Ultimately, though, the punishment incurred from the Juventus Schism saw XenoWarrior step down as Matriarch at the end of the summer, a decision that was entirely made in a crucial Hive Trial known as the Juventus Trial, wherein Trajectory989 -- brother of italian-stal -- would become Matriarch after years of holding Monarch and Empress ranks. This led to XenoWarrior6's reign having been less than 3 months, a comparable amount of time to Matriarch DARKWOLFPHOENIX, making XenoWarrior6 the shortest-reigning Matriarch of the Modern Era and perhaps clan history.


The brother of italian-stal, Trajectory989 (often referred to as "Nic" by members of the clan), ascended to the rank of seventh (overall eighth) Matriarch on August 10, 2018 after a series of Trials that would once again reorganize the Hive's High Council. He, unlike his brother before him, had a lengthy history with the Clan by the time he became its leader. Trajectory989 had originally been brought into the Hive as a Monarch of Old to be the first leader of the Hive's Xbox360 expansion. During the time, he had gained experience as a counterpart to the Matriarch on Xbox; however, Trajectory989 was known for being the least successful of the original Monarchs on Xbox, initiating only a mere 5 individuals into the clan before being willingly usurped by sdrbuck234. Despite this fact, Trajectory would serve a far more ambitious role as an Empress of the sector, supporting and assisting sdrbuck in making the Xbox360 expansion one of the most successful in clan history. He would, after the Expansion Trial during sdrbuck234's reign, become a Monarch again under the new system, overseeing the Xbox sector once again, along with the PC sector. While he would again show limited activity in a hosting fashion (once again initiating few new members in his sectors of rule), Nic would be appointed Matriarchy after the Juventus Trial. The reason for this, while debated and controversial to some subleaders of the clan due to his prior history for rarely hosting clan events, lied with Trajectory989's known strength of his character and ability to make decisions that benefited the Hive, an important factor after XenoWarrior6's actions in the Juventus Schism. Thus, through some debate, Trajectory989 would be voted in as the next Matriarch of the Hive to act more as a supervising decision-maker than a hosting entity, a responsibility that would fall to the Monarchs of the clan. He would be the first Matriarch since BadassOfDOD to attain the rank without the beating of a Matriarch round, a feat unheard of in the Modern Era, instead earning it through a majority vote of his peers.

The reign of Trajectory989 remained relatively uneventful compared to the turbulent times under XenoWarrior6, with slightly under 100 members brought under him; however, the uncovering of bosu2001 as the conductor of a majority of the Juventus Schism (and his presence as SEl_Shaarawy92 as well as a majority of Juventus members) led to his defamation and eventual suspension in the Juventus Conspiracy. This event would bring about the end of the long-dragging Hive Cold War that began at the end of sdrbuck234's reign and plagued the likes of XenoWarrior6's rule with the apical Juventus Conflict, as well as the Clan for nearly a year. The ousting of problematic members such as bosu2001 and MaxDeadBear led to a reformation of the Hive Council as a cohesive unit, lending to Trajectory's rule as one of reformation. However, the general reign of Trajectory989 was not without its criticisms, namely that of the subleaders assisting under the Matriarch. Despite a more-involved demeanour in Clan affairs since italian-stal, Trajectory989's decision-making capabilities had been called into question by a number of lower special ranks, lending to a reign of mixed reception. Given outside obligations and pressure from his own Council, Trajectory989 would eventually step down to standing Monarch Vincent_Bishop90 in the start of 2019. Trajectory989, like XenoWarrior6, had a comparatively shorter reign of only a few months before he chose to remove himself from the position, albeit this span had not been quite as abrupt as his predecessor.


The overall ninth (but considerably eighth) Matriarch of the Hive Clan would be Vincent_Bishop90, the successor to Trajectory989, who rose to power at the beginning of 2019. Like nearly all Matriarchs before him, Vincent_Bishop would have an extensive history in the Clan before his crowning. An avid participant in his early days of clan membership beginning in 2017, Vincent_Bishop90 would have a well-received respected time as a member of the normal rank system, becoming the fifth person to ever finish the entire thing. He would also have very strong presence in the Combo and Veteran Tournaments, having been the leader of the winning team in the latter. He would become a Deacon late in 2017 only to suffer unfortunate circumstances keeping him offline until mid 2018. Despite this fact, Vincent_Bishop's hardworking attitude would lend to the later Monarch rank he would earn (originally beside SEl_Shaarawy92/bosu2001). Further reliability over subsequent months would convince Trajectory989, along with other pressures, to step down to Vincent_Bishop90, who would usurp the prior Matriarch via a Lesser Matriarch round. Vincent_Bishop90 would also be known for his extensive creation of original artworks, similar to XenoWarrior6 before him, for the Hive Clan representing various leaders and historical events.

Soon after his crowning as the leader of the Hive Clan, Vincent_Bishop90 would make a number of decisions to change Hive rules and customs, leading him to be perhaps the most innovative leader since italian-stal at the beginning of the Modern Hive Era. The Matriarch Road would be altered to no longer accept the original Superiority subround, the latter later made into its own normal variant. A top this, elite special rounds would no longer be necessary for those to become King, Queen, and Empress ranks, an Arrest rule created as an alternative to the original system. Various punishments would be ordered under Vincent_Bishop90 as an aftermath of the Hive Cold War, however, leading to an initial mixed response among the Council. Later, Vincent_Bishop's ambition in various expansions led to a more positive response by the clan over time.

Hive Allies

During the majority of the Hive Dark Ages over the reigns of BadassOfDOD and cz1420, the Hive had no active alliances or wars due to its rather private and isolated approach to online AvP as a basic clan after DARKWOLFPHOENIX's leave. It would not be until italian-stal's reign that the clan would make its first alliances since the Inchoation period. Over time, many of these allies would eventually fall despite the Hive's continued activity. In fact, the Hive is the last of the original clans created at AvP's release.

In addition to Hive allies came sub-clans, smaller clans created by Hive members with their own rules and practices, while still under the watchful eye of the Matriarch and the Hive. These subclans were led under a single leader, who was a member of the Hive clan. Originally, subclans were the result of any clan created by a player after they became a Hive member (as all clans created by someone in the Hive automatically made their clan a part of the Hive), but this rule has since been abolished; now, any clan made by a member can either become a subclan or an independent clan. Subclans are under the jurisdiction of the Matriarch, Monarchs (of that sector), or any Kings. Score 4

Currently the Hive has only one active subclan. Most subclans existed during the time of italian-stal's early reign, before the subclans were banned in late 2013. These subclans have ranged from 5 members to 50 members. The large influx of subclans during this time was inspired by xXOpTiC_KnIvEsXx, who would come to lead the Hive's largest and most-prominent subclan. Eventually, however, they died out, despite the fact subclans were later allowed to be made once more. Note: Matriarchs may join the ally or subclan to further enforce the ties of allyship with allies and subclans. These are the allies and subclans:


Elite Dragon Clan

The Elite Dragon clan was the first official ally of the Hive clan. Their leader was known as the gamertag dlcmlr. Their leader dlcmlr has met italian-stal, and joined his clan by passing initiation. The Elite Dragon clan had 50 members under dlcmlr. State: Fallen

Dark Shadows Clan

Because Hive member footballdjm18 was initiated, his clan, the Dark Shadows Clan, was made an ally to the Hive. They had an unknown number of members, but it is assumed there was a moderate amount. It was also known their initiation, like the Hive's, was simple and easy. State: Fallen


Member Blueray72 had mentioned he was in charge of a clan called the Shadowers, which has a few members. They were an ally, however, very little was known of them. State: Fallen

The League Of Shadows Clan

The League Of Shadows Clan was led by leaders XtReMe33397, xAcidxBloodx, and the founder Shockwave. This clan was known as a passive clan, like the Hive, and was one of the Hive's more-prominent allies throughout the years. They were once enemies with the Shadow Lycans (shortly known as Antishadow Lycans) but ultimately decided to cease their attempts and become a different clan. It was thought that this clan was at first a subclan, but it never was because it actually existed in other games before founder Almondtea joined the Hive and started the clan in AvP. However, Almondtea unfortunately had to beg Matriarch italian-stal for the clan's independence until he relented. They had 302 members at their apex before they, just like many other clans, had slowly experienced a decline. The League Of Shadows clan only fought clans that were capable of destroying them and the only clan that exists to this day that actually posed a threat to them is the Hive, as many of the old apex clans have fallen. Check out their wiki! State: Fallen

The Saints

One clan long known to the Hive since the initiation of Mantletrooper1 is the Saints. This clan is the largest-known clan to the Hive, with numbers varying from 8000 members to 20000 members. The reason for this is because the Saints are found in a myriad of other videogames, AvP only one of them. Mantletrooper1 was in charge of the AvP sector, having made the Saints a vast ally. At one point, the Aliens vs Predator branch considered itself a Hive subclan for protection reasons against such more prominent clans of the time, like the Alphawolves and Dark Brotherhood. The particular branch died out, and it is unknown whether the clan overall still persists in other games. State: Fallen (AvP branch)

Alpha Clan

The initiation of dethpredator made the Alpha clan a Hive ally. They had an average number of members. State: Fallen

Rise of the Wolves Clan

Another official ally clan is the 30-member Rise of the Wolves clan. This clan is actually a multiple-game clan, like the Hive and the Saints. It was also in Red Dead Redemption, various Call of Duty games, and AvP. It was lead by Hive member nck2001, and current information states the entire clan had fallen before 2015. State: Fallen

Wolfpack Clan

Yet another ally is the Wolfpack clan, once one of AvP's highest clans (making this the second most-powerful Hive ally). This clan was led by previous Matriarch and Hive creator BadassOfDOD, creating and leading this once 5100-member clan after his succession by cz1420. The Wolfpack originally stood as a Hive ally, but temporarily became an enemy when the Hive was challenged to clan war during the 2013 Recession. Despite the Hive's attempts to ready for the conflict, it was later abandoned because the Wolfpack had moved on to PS4. After this, the clan was once again a Hive ally, but lost its previous online prestige in AvP to the Hive for leaving the war. Today, the clan reportedly exists but is no longer found in Aliens vs Predator. There was a period when SERPENTX34 attempted the rebirth of the clan under the name The Order, which ultimately failed. State: Fallen (AvP branch)

The Wolfpack

This is the symbol of the large Wolfpack clan, led by previous Matriarch and Empress BadassOfDOD.

Death Deelers, Demonata, Goblin Horde, Souleaters, LW Clans

Member mad_hatter_968 owned the Death Deelers (once a subclan, see below), the Demonata, the Goblin Horde, Legendary Warriors, and the Souleaters clans. They were all allies of the Hive, and some of them had only a few members, while others had many. mad_hatter_968 later turned his attention to the Elite Hunters, which also eventually met their end as well. State: Fallen

Mystravens, Mysthawks, Guild

Another ally was the Mystravens. One of the first AVP clans, they started out as a Hive enemy. Yet, with supposed infiltration of the clan, Telecomando946 became the clan's new leader during the Raven Threat Alliance; one of his first acts was adding the Hive as the Mystravens' first ally. Hive member sharkbait0326 was a temporary leader of the Mystravens as well, until Telecommando946 reclaimed his leadership and ended relations with the Hive due to the Ravenhawk Conspiracy (see below), also ending relations with the Mysthawks, the Ravens' counterpart clan and supposed enemy. (Right before he joined the Hive, sharkbait0326 created the independent clan called the Guild, which no longer exists.) State: Fallen


Right after the Recession of 2013, a new Aliens vs Predator clan began. This was the TXH clan, which was short for the Xenomorph Hive. However, little was known of the clan due to its presence as an underground entity in online AvP. As such, this was the only clan the Hive ended up allying with that it never truly saw online. Their leader was TXH-RISE. State: Fallen


An ally with previous history with the Hive is the Legion, controlled by MEGA-PRED666. At an earlier time, this clan was once a Hive subclan. The Legion first originated under leader styleenut, who was already a Hive member. As a subclan, the Legion had high aspirations for independence and the acknowledgement of being a separate clan from the Hive. Because of this, original founder styleenut attempted an uprising against the Hive for its freedom; unfortunately, the clan fell apart because of styleenut's betrayal, known as the Great Threat, as both Hive and Legion members disagreed to the conflict. Once alice_170 convinced styleenut out of clan war in last minute, he was welcomed back into the Hive, but ultimately decided to remain hidden from online clans. However, after being fallen for the longest time, MEGA-PRED666 revived the clan and recruited even more powerful members for it. This lasted a short time, however, and the clan fell once more. State: Re-fallen

Shadow Lycans

The next clan in which to mention is the Shadow Lycan clan. This clan was known as the clan's second official ally, the earliest ally of truly notable mention to the Hive. The Shadow Lycans were usually denoted by their familiar SHADOW-LYCAN/S-L titles in all of their gamertags. In their earlier days, this clan stood as the 3rd most powerful organization on PS3 Alien vs Predator, after the Immortal Bloods and Alphawoves; nearly all members of their clan were of exceptional skill. The original leader, SHADOW-LYCANKING, was of notable skill and was feared as a leader, albeit accepting alliance with the Hive due to their respect of him and the Lycans. Over time, other leaders took control of the clan with KING's increasing absence. TheVenomProject_ was soon clan leader for a short duration, then SERPENT_COBRA_. Afterwards, Hitman_Valentino became the leader. Over this time, the quality of players which the Shadow Lycans were revered for gradually decreased in quality, as later Shadow Lycans were not as powerful as their elder clanmates; in fact, such members would not have been welcome in the original clan. Also throughout time, members of the Shadow Lycans became more integrated into the Hive as their secondary clan (despite the original rule that forbid this) until the point most Lycans were also in the Hive. It was a combination of these factors that gradually caused the decline of the clan. Ultimately, Hitman_Valentino's reign was the Lycans' last originally, as the clan finally fell after a long-term decrease in prestige. SHADOWxLYCANDARK (Xx_darkness_66_xX) and SHADOW-LYCANEDGE tried bringing the clan back later on, only to fail in their attempts. The clan was fully brought back in 2017 with the return of KING and was later passed to bosu2001. See more on the Shadow Lycans page. State: Re-fallen

Shadow Lycans

This original artwork from unknown origin has been shown to the Hive, displaying the Shadow Lycans' rise after a defeat by the Immortal Bloods in their earlier days.

Light Angel/ Hellsing/ Recon Elite Clan

A spawn-off clan to mention is the Light Angel clan. Before the clan was created, there was a member of the dead Shadow Lycans named SHADOW-LYCANWIND, who eventually quit the Shadow Lycans and created his own clan. After, he had the clan known as the Light Angels. Just like the Shadow Lycans, the Light Angels all have an uppercase title, this one being LIGHT-ANGEL. SHADOW-LYCANWIND is the leader of this clan, and is now known as LIGHT-ANGELKING. He has offered alliance with the Hive, which italian-stal readily agreed, as any ally is welcome to the clan. Unfortunately, LIGHT-ANGELKING's account was hacked and now he is under the name of DARK-VAMPIREKING. He called the Light Angel clan the Hellsing clan now as well, but both of these clans are the same, just one clan with 2 opposite names. The leader also has the name of RECON-ELITELORD, so the clan also was the name of the Recon Elites. Now, the clan's members have left and this trinamed clan has fallen. SHADOW-LYCANWIND actually then returned to the Shadow Lycans as SHADOW-LYCANEYES. State: Fallen

The Shield

By the time dragonsrule4444 came to power, all of the original AvP clans had fallen, save the Hive. At this point, smaller and less-notable clans formed online, consistent of some of the older, more experienced players from the game's earlier days and some of the average players that never had a chance to join clans during AvP's apex. During summer 2016, when a new group of members were active in the Hive, a large slew of intraclan problems arose between these new members and older member MaxDeadBear. Acting as an issue over the large course of that season, SERPENTX34 (then Mysthawk) eventually took action and created a clan in retaliation to the Hive on behalf of the actions by MaxDeadBear. This clan would be known as The Shield, and was made up of many of the new Hive members members tired of Max as a member, resulting in the 2016 Intraclan Conflict. This issue was later resolved, however, and the Shield became a Hive ally, as few clans were left in the game by that point. State: Fallen

Brute Squad

A relatively older clan, the Brute Squad was a professional clan that became involved with the Hive in later years. While not quite as prestigious and well-known as such clans like the Wolfpack and Shadow Lycans, the Brute Squad was still well-versed in the professional circles of Aliens vs Predator becoming one of the last competitive clans against such other late entrants as the Lost Hunterz and Apex. Their leader, COOLCHUCHO became allies with the Hive during the reign of sdrbuck234. State: Active

Lost Hunterz

The Lost Hunterz would become allies with the Hive Clan later during the reign of sdrbuck234, while bosu2001 acted as Monarch of the PS3 sector and was able to create the alliance. The Lost Hunterz essentially acted as a successor clan after the official fall of the once-prominent Alphawolves (which was neutral with the Hive Clan during its run), most of its prior members forming the Lost Hunterz. As such, previous Alphawolves leader MAMBA_3329 would later be the leader of the Lost Hunterz. State: Active

DED Hive Clan

An older clan on AvP, the DED clan (sometimes referred to as the DED Hive) was known to have originated online circa 2011 or 2012. Despite its age, this clan has typically been quite secluded and private from the rest of the Aliens vs Predator clan community and did not become known until the later years of the game. Usually known for playing everyday AvP matches, the DED would become the most prominent basic clan of the game (as it did not usually involve itself with competitive clans nor did it have many original clan events). An alliance between the Hive and DED would not take fruition until 2018, however, as the DED clan leader DARIOUS84 had originally desired to remain isolated. It was not until Vincent_Bishop90 managed to mediate terms for an alliance that one finally began. State: Active DED Alliance

Dark Blade Assassins

An ally clan in the Hive's Xbox sector, the Dark Blade Assassins (or DBA) was the first clan to join the Xbox Hive in alliance. Originaly called Crawling Darkness and led by x Sweet Tooth x, the clan was larger and more prestigious back in earlier years. Then it consisted of three subclans, the Temple of Shadowz (led by Experiment X7), the Eternal Shadows (with leader DustBuster), and the Black Deaths (leader SizedMirror74). A civil clan war began between the main clan and two of its smaller factions. The main Crawling Darkness and Eternal Shadows split away from its two other inner clans and became Alien Nation (with new leader RuyGuyDoom). Thus, the two subclans merged to fight its larger competitor and took the t subclan's name of the Temple of Shadowz, disbanding the Black Deaths' name. Ultimately through changing leaders, clan battles, and alliances, the clan settled on the name Dark Blade Assassins. The current leader is The Raver Virus, as is Alien Nation's. The last known leader of both clans was The Raver Virus. State: Fallen

The Demonic Preds

Another X-Sector ally was The Demonic Preds. They were a division of a big clan called The Demonic Speedsters and were a Predator Clan that requested their information to be private. State: Fallen

The Requiem Hive

A little-known ally to the Xbox sector. Status: Fallen


First-Generation Subclans

In the earlier months of italian-stal's reign, subclans began to appear with the suggestion of xXOpTiC_KnIvEsXx. Various Hive members started creating clans of their own, and, due to the original regulations set forth, many were forced to be subclans. Many of these early subclans thereafter became unstable, getting involved in such battles as the Subclan Ousting. By the suggestion of SHADOW-LYCANKING, italian-stal then passed the second Subclan Rule in August 2013 banning the creation of all new subclans. As predicted, all of the old first-generation clans made before the rule eventually died out. This is a list of all the original subclans and their leaders:

  • Shredder Subclan: Leader: D4rthYoda198. This was the first subclan of the Hive, after its leader followed xXOpTiC_KnIvEsXx's word. It had an initiation similar to the Hive's.
  • The Elite Hunters Subclan: Leaders: XXOpTiC_KnIvEsXx and XDarkharXD. The second subclan created by the causer of subclans, XXOpTiC_KnIvEsXx, this was the most successful first-era subclan that existed. Although it was often the epicenter of any problems caused by these miniature clans, it eventually went into a fallen state. Prior to this, the clan had a war with another subclan, mad_hatter_968's Death Deelers, in a clan event known as the Subclan Ousting. Due to this, xXOpTiC_KnIvEsXx was blamed for many of the clan's problems and was replaced by XDarkharXD, or TheHunters_Claw. It had survived into the second subclan Era, however, by revival by mad_hatter (see below).
  • Max Pred Guardian Clan: Leader: MeatEater010. Planned subclan that failed to truly start.
  • Pureblood Subclan: Leader: MILLERDUO. Once the subclan with the greatest ties to the Hive, this clan was once owned by previous Empress MILLERDUO.
  • The Specimens: Leader: chaosshadow18. Just like the Shadow Lycans, the Specimens had clan recognition with the beginning SPECIMEN before each member's gamertag; owned by previous Empress chaosshadow18.
  • The Death Deelers: Leader: mad_hatter_968. One of many of Empress mad_hatter's clans, the Death Deelers were first created during the first era as a subclan. However, arguments with the Elite Hunters caused this clan to leave the Hive as a subclan and soon after become inactive.
  • The Night Before Clan: Leader: alice_170. Previous alice_170's first subclan, failing to start because of login issues.
  • The Chronicles: Leader: alice_170. alice_170's second subclan, more successful than her first but ultimately fallen.
  • Death Clan: Leader: DEATHHOUNDS37. Owned by previous Empress DEATHHOUNDS37, this was one of the few successful subclans and one of the last to fall. This subclan was to assist the Hive for the Wolf War before its cancellation.
    The Guild

    The symbol for DEATHHOUNDS37's Death clan.

  • Wolf Subclan: Leader: nightwolf. Mostly ambiguous subclan.
  • Royal Elders Subclan: Leader: knownmarine. A once moderately successful subclan with a similar initiation to the Hive, this clan was a predator and alien based clan that was lead by Berserker Matriarch knownmarine.
  • Ring of Saturn Subclan: Leader: XbOxKiLlEr02. Another subclan that had up to 20 members; fell from lack of activity.
  • Rising Predator Subclan: Leader: costumbreangel. The last new subclan created during the first era, the Rising Predator Subclan experienced an initial boom, but was later abandoned in less than a month.
  • Golden Blade Warriors: Leader: Matriarch sdrbuck234 (also GoldenBladexWolf). A predator and alien clan that had a type of fighting based on the Predator's Code of Honour. The clan taught its members not only to play predator but also taught them how to use the xenomorph in a way similar to the basic training regiment of the Hive with a Initiation where they must get 1 persecution on the Leader.
  • The Demonic Preds: Leader: D3ATHxPREDAT0R and FIENDxPREDATOR. The only Xbox subclan ever made with a unknown amount of members that was based around yautja and was a very secluded clan.

Second-Generation Subclans

The Hive had much fewer subclans after their initial ban in 2013. It was not until a year later that subclans would be unbanned and new rules surrounding the conduct of subclans would be in effect. By this time, however, subclans had become much less popular of an idea and thus only sparce groups would emerge in later years on Aliens vs Predator.

  • Elite Hunters Clan: Leader: mad_hatter_968. xXOpTiC_KnIvEsXx once owned the Elite Hunters subclan, becoming the most prominent of all Hive subclans throughout AvP history. It is this prominence that allowed it to survive the initial ban on subclans in the Hive. As such, the Elite Hunters transcended the first era and -- ironically -- were brought back by mad_hatter_968 as an independent clan with new members, this reboot too later falling. State: Fallen
  • Marine Core: Leader: MaxDeadBear. In response to the Shield's creation, MaxDeadBear would later come to create his own clan, Immortal Resurrection. The members of this clan were mainly those who supported Max during the problems experienced in the Hive during the 2016 Conflict. Created with systems quite similar to the Hive, Immortal Resurrection would become a close duplicate to the Hive, with its own events and groups, somewhat like the Royal Elders subclan that existed years before. MaxDeadBear became the clan's Matriarch, however, making those initiated much more selective than the Hive. Despite the fact that Max did have issues with a number of Hive members, he still eventually formed an alliance and later a subclan pact with it. It was the first and only subclan that was created during dragonsrule4444's reign. It was later renamed the Marine Core. State: Fallen
  • Assassin Subclan: Leader: reganwison05. During the Monarch age on AvP, a small new subclan by the name of the Assassin Clan was created under the rule of sdrbuck234. reganwison05 was its leader, with the clan having an initiation where initiates must have gotten 8 kills on the clan leader. State: Fallen
  • Juventus Subclan: Leader: XCRonaldo-7z (bosu2001). Just as XenoWarrior6's reign began, new Deacon SEl_Shaarawy92 had decided to create the Juventus subclan, originally called Juventus Italia. This unconvential subclan would be the first of its kind to act as the Hive's gateway for those of the European servers of AvP, primarily that of Italian players given Shaarawy's known fluency in the language. His leadership of the clan would be transferred to Gio_Chiellini3, who would end the alliance with the Hive after the Juventus Conflict. Ultimately, however, leadership would end in the hands of XCRonaldo-7z, who was apparently bosu2001 -- as well as SEl_Shaarawy92 and Gio_Chiellini3 (and thus subclan rule had been in the hands of the same person). The final true number of members in this subclan was estimated at 5 due to bosu2001's presence as most its gamertags. State: Fallen

Clan Wars

Hive Symbol 2

The Wolf War

After the 2013 Recession, a short war between the Hive and the Wolfpack was planned. BadassOfDOD declared war about a month ahead, but came back and claimed that the clan had moved to PS4. This made the Wolfpack forfeit the war and give up its previous #5 position in AvP clans. In this Wolf War, each side recruited help from allies that were not used. The Wolfpack got help from the USCM clan. Meanwhile, the Hive was ready for war with the Shadow Lycans, the League of Shadows, the Specimens, and the Death clan. Legendary alien kida77wolf and Shadow Lycan SHADOW-LYCANHOPE are given credit for their help in training Hive members for this event, training that was ultimately for naught used because the war was abandoned. This would've been the Hive's first war, but like so many others before, it was ultimately just a threat.

Lycan Battles

The Hive has done friendly battles with the Shadow Lycans during both the Inchoation period and the earlier days of italian-stal's rule. The Shadow Lycans were a formidable clan, the very first recorded 3-on-3 battle ending with the Hive 42 points to 112 points, clearly conveying the difference between the always-elite Lycans and the demeanour of the Hive by the time italian-stal had come to power. These clan battles are amongst the few that the Hive has experienced in friendly terms. However, the Hive has come close to other serious clan wars (see below). The Alphawolves, a near-equal top clan, were at first completely uninvolved with the Hive, but had gradually become more involved with the Clan in competitive clan battles. That being said, some Hive members are also Alphawolves (just as some are Shadow Lycans). Lycan battles with the Hive originally ended when SHADOW-LYCANKING left his leadership of the Lycans; with his return in 2017, more Lycan battles were fought under sdrbuck234 before KING left once again. SHADOW-LYCANPRED

Death Deelers vs. Elite Hunters

The Death Deelers clan and the Elite Hunters subclan have also experienced aggression towards each other. Leaders mad_hatter_968 and xXOpTiC_KnIvEsXx (TheHunters_Wolf) lead these clans, and have had a previous scurmish which caused the Death Deelers and their leader to leave the clan, an event known as the Subclan Ousting. This war happened between a Hive subclan and a previous one, but overall Matriarch italian-stal did not need to be involved. He tried to stop it, but even subclan leaders lead their own clan their own way, even if that means a more violent method, verbally and virtually. Luckily after a short break, mad_hatter_968 had returned to the Hive, but his clan has not. This was not a true Hive clan war, just a war between subclans and is therefore on this page.

The Great Threat

A close war by the Legion (once led by styleenut) almost occured, but it was called off and now the Legion is an ally to the Hive. However, it is sadly a fallen ally, as styleenut's planned attack of the clan caused many of his members to leave, as they were Hive members themselves. This attempt is known as the Great Threat to the Hive, where styleenut then was reconvinced of his plan by alice_170. However, the clan was largely weakened and was later resurrected by MEGA-PRED666, and styleenut had gone into hiding and later disappeared from AvP.

Raven Threat Alliance

An old AvP clan, the Mystravens were originally a Hive enemy that nearly caused a war. In fact, the Ravens were a clan trying to destroy and conquer all other clans, to prove themselves the most dominant clan. Many were originally deranged cultists, actually believing in xenomorphs and yautjas. The Hive was contacted by them soon after the initiation of member Telecommando946, where they threatened to take over the Hive and force its alliance.The short dispute against the Mystravens was stopped by Telecommando, when he infiltrated them and challenged their leader xxThe_Ravenxx before his clan could attack the Hive. Telecommando946 won, and became the leader. He removed all the cultists and restarted the clan, initiating new people. He shortly thereafter made the Hive their first ally. This is the Raven Threat Alliance.

Ravenhawk Conspiracy

After Telecommando946 took control of the Mystravens during the Raven Threat Alliance, sharkbait0326 became clan leader. This was short-lived, for Telecommando946 soon reclaimed the Mystravens. For the longest time thereafter, the Mystravens became less-prominent in the clan universe, remaining unheard by the Hive for months. They returned in appearance upon the rise of their acclaimed foes, the Mysthawks. The Mystravens asked alliance from the Hive to defeat this new foe, but due to miscommunication, the Hive refused accidentally. This caused Telecommando946 to become hostile to the Hive, blaming italian-stal on behalf of his members. The unity between the Mystravens and Hive soon ended, and the Mysthawk leader xxMYSThawkxx thenafter hoped to recruit Matriarch italian-stal to take down Telecommando946 and the previous Hive ally. italian-stal accepted alliance, but refused to wage war on his previous companions. xxMYSThawkxx then threated sabotage of the Hive, to which the Matriarch continued with refutation. In the end, the Mysthawks accepted simple alliance and the Mystravens became neutral to the Hive. However, italian-stal then decided to go deeper into the relations between the two enemy clans, keeping his deposition of neutrality constant on the affair. With help from mad_hater_968 and various other Hive members whom had been in the Ravens, the Hive soon discovered that Telecommando946 was the same as xxMYSThawkxx, thus revealing the true intentions of both clans. The Mystravens and the Mysthawks were led by the same leader, meaning the two had never truly been enemies and the entire setup was merely a ploy made by Telecommando946 as vengeance against the Hive for supposed disrespect. With even further thought, it was also inferred that Telecommando was also xxThe_Ravenxx, the clan leader he hitherto claimed to have beaten during the Raven Threat Alliance. This conveyed that Telecommando946 was indeed the true creator of the Mystravens, and therefore he had created the illusion of the Raven Threat Alliance to make himself a highly-esteemed member of the Hive. His control over all of these fallacies is known as the Ravenhawk Conspiracy. Due to these lies and the use of all three pseudonyms, Telecommando946 was then exiled from the Hive in the interconnected Hive Trial, the Ravenhawk Trial.

The Undertaker Threat

XENO MAN ReturnIn the Xbox sector, a Hive member Epixundertaker2 decided to leave the clan for reasons of power controlling a clan himself and came to lead the Skullcrushers clan. Similar to the Great Threat with styleenut, Epixundertaker2 threatened the Hive, to which the two clans then battled and, after only a few fights, the Hive was continuously victorious, displaying its power over their enemy. Hive member Impulse Creeper took a prime role against Epixundertaker, earning him clan respect for standing up for the clan. Xbox Chimera XENO_MAN was to assist the Hive here, but was ultimately absent. As a result of the opposing clan leader, this is now known as the Undertaker Threat.

Immortal Resurrection vs. The Shield

During the rising seasons after the 2015 Recession, Temporary Matriarch Lotusofthesand helped begin a new wave of Hive initiations that would spawn the first true success of Clan activity under dragonsrule4444. This wave would continue through to the end of the adjacent summer, leading to a more populous and active summer than the one prior at the end of italian-stal's rule. While this 2016 summer season would see the creation of new modes and the attempt at another clanwide Tournament thanks to the again rising numbers of the Hive, a number of complications would also ensue due to the near complete replacement of active Hive members (only a handful that had been active under italian-stal would remain active after the 2015 Recession). MaxDeadBear, an active Hive member and one of last individuals initiated under italian-stal, persisted throughout the season but unfortunately had several personal differences with a majority of the new initiates. Beginning with a skirmish between Max and xxKILLERCHANGExx, the older member became increasingly aggressive and argumentative with other new initiates due to their support of xxKILLERCHANGExx in this personal conflict. Using his common presence in the Clan and some charismatic propensity, Max would accumulate followers of his own in the rising conflict. This issue grew in size and number of participants, leading to the creation of 2 clans: the Immortal Resurrection (Which would be a subclan) and the Shield (which would become an ally). In reality, the evident problem had ultimately become an expansion of personal issues held between Shield leaders forunner4 and SERPENTX34, and Immortal Resurrection leader MaxDeadBear to other originally uninvolved players coerced into participation. This escalation would climax with the 2016 Intraclan Conflict, an event mostly acting as a cold war between the two clans, though a few clan battles did eventually result. At this point, the conflict had affected everyday Hive integrity and participation of non-involved players, and thus was brought to an end through the efforts of dragonsrule4444, italian-stal, and Lotusofthesand.

Hive Cold War

The Hive Cold War is a generalized year of clan history spanning from September 2017 to October 2018, named thus due to infighting and personal issues experienced by the upper echelons of the Hive amongst its subleaders. This infighting would lead to decreased clan activity (albeit not to the degree of Recession) and difficulty between leaders of the Hive in agreeing upon changes and administration. This span of time would include various smaller conflicts that would act as culminations of the negative impacts being consistently experienced by the Hive Council. It is of general consensus that the conflict primarily involved the rivalry of MaxDeadBear and Vincent_Bishop90, but other major players in the dissent of the Council would include italian-stal, bosu2001 (later disguised as SEl_Shaarawy92), XxPioneer76xX, XenoWarrior6, Trajectory989,and sdrbuck234 (the latter 3 having been Matriarchs over the course of this period).   

Project Freelancer

The beginning of the Cold War would come from the initial actions of bosu2001 as the first of two Co-Monarchs of the PS3 sector near the end of sdrbuck234's reign. To begin their respective reigns, MaxDeadBear and yuikkjhyytrfg were both exiled from the Clan under the pretenses of conspiring against the new Monarchs. This information was later found to be incorrect, leading to the conclusion that such action had been unfair and unwarranted. This exilement would inspire MaxDeadBear to seek retribution against the Hive for its wrongdoing. Under the codename of Project Freelancer, MaxDeadBear would attempt to cause a civil war similar to the 2016 Intraclan Conflict in the Hive to disrupt the Clan's functionality. These plans accumulated into the creation of a secret clan, the Colony Clan or CC, which MaxDeadBear would rule and utilize in order to achieve his goals. Initially, these goals included the usurpation of sdrbuck234 as Matriarch of the Clan; however, time would show this objective to be out of reach, and thus focus was shifted towards Max getting Monarchy. It would be at this point that MaxDeadBear manipulated Vincent_Bishop90 in order to further his goals. With suspicion mounting on Max's actions, the CC leader gave leadership of the small clan to Vincent_Bishop90 and shifted focus on him as the leader of the attempted act. This would weaken Vincent_Bishop's reputation, some on a mistake made on italian-stal's end, amongst the Council after having been a highly successful and trusted member of normal rank. The truth of the incident was later discussed and argued throughout the Council, laying the initial groundwork for the fracturing of trust between the Hive's leaders, while MaxDeadBear would retake control of the Colony Clan even after Vincent_Bishop had argued for its innocence and continued to try building it himself. This event would also begin the prime rivalry between Vincent_Bishop90 and MaxDeadBear that characterized most of the Cold War.

Project Freelancer occurred during September and October of 2017, and was followed by months of continuous animosity and disagreement between the subleaders of the Hive; this was accentuated with the recent integration of offline chat-rooms beyond normal online lobbies, which allowed for members to be in constant contact with one another nearly all times of the day. The continual exposure many of these individuals had with one another on a day-to-day basis led lowered clan morale and lack of Council cohesion and cooperation. Vincent_Bishop90 managed to earn a Deacon rank, but soon after lost access to online capabilities for a number of months, hindering his ability to rebuild his previous reputation. Despite these limitations, however, Vincent_Bishop would attempt to help the Hive in other ways, including the creation of his series of arts for the various leaders and clan events. It was during these months that continued negativity amongst the Council spread and trust between leaders lowered, which would lead into the apical conflict of the Cold War, the Juventus Schism.

XenoWarrior6 became Matriarch of the Hive in May of 2018 during the notable High Council Trial, during which MaxDeadBear and sdrbuck234 became Monarchs after sdrbuck stepped down as Clan leader. During this time, Vincent_Bishop90 would also miss an initial chance to become Monarch despite having been a prime candidate after his months of extra offline service. Because of the timing of the Trial, MaxDeadBear would instead be placed as co-leader of the PS3 sector, further lending to the rivalry between the two subleaders. Having received the position he sought for months, MaxDeadBear would become less driven and active and ended up not matching expectations of his acquired rank. Having lost his opportunity to become Monarch, Vincent_Bishop90 would host more and act as the liaison for the long-sought-after Hive-DED alliance with DARIOUS84. Even with the rebuilding of his reputation, the Council -- mostly on the response of italian-stal, Trajectory989, and sdrbuck234 -- would defend Max's position as Monarch even with his decreased fulfillment of responsibilities, leading to further friction between the Council and Vincent_Bishop. It would not be until the end of the summer that retribution would be seen, Vincent_Bishop90 becoming Monarch of the sector and the Council having seen the error of supporting MaxDeadBear's Monarchy as long as they had. XxPioneer76xX had become Co-Monarch as well, but unfortunately quickly lost access to it from a hasty and regrettable decision by Trajectory989.

Juventus Schism

At the same time of XenoWarrior's ascension, a member by the gamertag of SEl_Shaarawy92 also joined the clan and became a Deacon. The rank had been given as an act of goodwill by the Council to test Shaarawy's leadership abilities due to his desire to become future Clan leader. SEl_Shaarawy92 would pair his new leadership role with the creation of a new second-era subclan, Juventus Italia. Into this subclan he would claim to initiate many European players, and by extent a number into the Hive as well. Simultaneously, however, XenoWarrior6 would take it upon herself to move towards keeping the Juventus leader in check, having felt threatened by both his motivation to take her position and his more competitive mindset as a Hive subleader. In the fashion of the fractured trust created amongst the Council because of the Cold War, she would maintain private communication with other leaders MaxDeadBear, XxPioneer76xX, and Vincent_Bishop90 to discuss deranking or even exiling the Juventus leader; she would explicitly ensure that other subleaders that disagreed with her mentality -- sdrbuck234, Trajectory989, italian-stal -- were not involved in the process. The Matriarch possibly had the intent to discreetly rid the Hive of SEl_Shaarawy92 until MaxDeadBear revealed the truth to Shaarawy and the rest of the Hive, although Max's reasoning had been to once again start conflict from within the Hive's ranks (a fact that would further tarnish his reputation by the end of the Cold War). From this, a series of problematic relations between the Hive and Juventus erupted, the subclan up in arms for the intended crime against their leader. Ultimately, SEl_Shaarawy92 would defend the Hive at the expense of his leadership in Juventus, though those involved -- MaxDeadBear, Vincent_Bishop90, XxPioneer76xX, and XenoWarrior6 -- Juventus wanted punished in the Hive for their actions. Through further negotiation, however, it was decided that only XenoWarrior6 would be reprimanded for having started the initial communication against Shaarawy. She would have to step down as leader of the Hive for her actions, while a Matriarch of Juventus' choice would be placed as leader of the Hive. In the interconnected Trial, the Juventus Trial, XenoWarrior would be the only Matriarch voted out of her position in compliance with Juventus' demands to remain a Hive ally. On the other hand, it was decided in the Trial that the Juventus candidate, bosu2001, was not worthy to receive Matriarchy; in a bold move by the Hive Council, Trajectory989 would be voted in as the next leader of the Clan. Due to the lack of compliance with their deal, acting Juventus leader Gio_Chiellini3 severed all ties with the Hive Clan, forcing all Juventus members who had been in the Hive to quit. It would not be until Chiellini was replaced by XCRonaldo-7z that relations between the two clans would be reestablished. This saga of rough relations with the Hive and Juventus, which would result in the successful ending of the Hive leader XenoWarrior6's reign, would be collectively called the Juventus Schism.

Juventus Conspiracy

With the interclan issues that plagued the Hive under XenoWarrior6 gone and an increase of Hive morale since the beginning of the Cold War, the Hive appeared to enter a tranquil state again. However, with the progression of the autumn following the Schism, it had become clear that bosu2001 had been the same individual as SEl_Shaarawy92; additionally, bosu2001 had also been multiple individuals in the Juventus subclan, making it appear much larger in size than was present. With this information known, the Hive Council had been able to deduce that almost the entirety of the Juventus Schism had been orchestrated by bosu in a time known as the Juventus Conspiracy. Similar to Telecommando946, bosu2001 had utilized an alternate account and fabricated a nonexistent threat to manipulate the Clan. However, not only had bosu2001 managed to attain a Co-Monarch rank with Vincent_Bishop90 through these means, he had also successfully managed to topple Matriarch XenoWarrior6 from her position and nearly persuaded the Hive to make him the new leader. Despite the gravity of these offenses, no action had been taken until bosu later attempted to exile his Co-Monarch Vincent_Bishop with the help of MaxDeadBear, who readily wanted to punish the one who succeeded him as Monarch due to his own failure as a Monarch during the prior summer. With this act finally spurring the Council to action, bosu's continued attempts to punish and unlawfully exile Vincent and the negative effects of his other actions resulted in his punishment, successfully ending the Hive Cold War under the reign of Trajectory989. Due to his previously impressive acts as Monarch and King during sdrbuck234's reign, though, bosu2001 was initially spared from exilement and was instead suspended and placed back at the start of the rank system (a Hive Requiem Resurrection), while MaxDeadBear would be exiled for a final time. With the later rise of Vincent_Bishop90 as Matriarch of the Clan, however, bosu2001 would later be exiled as well for his acts.

Clanwide Tournaments

Below are the limited-time clanwide events known as Tournaments (not to be mistaken with the everyday Hive game Hive Tournament). These Tournaments acted as big, notable clan events where traditional rules of the Clan were altered of behalf of general gameplay (mostly ) to boost Hive activity (both by normal and special-ranked members), all for a limited time (anywhere between one week to 2 months).

Overall, two main kinds of clanwide Tournaments have been held: Rank Tournaments, where the event's focus is on gathering more members of special rank and thus a selected elite round(s) is made easier (ex. Empress and Ultimate Tournaments); and Team Tournaments, where all active members of the Clan are encouraged to get together into teams with other members to fight against other teams in team-based events, all to fight for a grand prize (ex. Winter and Combo Tournaments). Below are the different clanwide Tournaments of the Hive:

Empress Tournament

In early summer of 2014, first crowned Empress in Hive history MILLERDUO stepped down from his position. By this time, previous Empresses alice_170, chaosshadow18, and BadassOfDOD had left or been exiled as well. The other Empresses at the time were inactive in AvP, other than mad_hatter_968 and philip13_. Thus, Matriarch italian-stal decided to call together a Hive Trial due to the desperation at the time for subleaders. This specific Hive Trial was rudimentary, for it was the first of few Hive Trials that allowed the participation of normal-ranked Hive members (which had not beaten two Legendary rounds). It was voted that, because of the times, more Empress postions needed filled. Therefore, those present at the Trial decided to begin the Empress Tournament, which temporarily repositioned the required rank needed to do a Council round from pureblood bull alien rank to the simple mixblood drone rank, only rank 3 in the Hive rank system, thus making it much easier to do the round and simultaneously convincing Hive members to go after the esteemed Empress rank. Not only that, but by refuting one's individual round-of-the-day (Special Round Rule), a member could do as many Council rounds as he/she pleased. In addition, italian-stal, as host of the Tournament and of the rounds, decided, for the Tournament's duration, that he would host the rounds in a style he dubbed "old italian," a skillset of his older moves and older Matriarch tactic during the time the original Empresses (MILLERDUO, chaosshadow18, alice_170, mad_hatter_968, DEATHHOUNDS37) were crowned, thereby leveling the current (nearly impossible) difficulty of the round to that when it was originally beaten. The Empress Tournament was meant to span June 9-16, a week's length, but was cut short when the three remaining positions were filled before the end. Therefore, the Tournament ended on June 14 with the crowning of the last Empress of the 'second Council.' Overall, the Tournament was successful in recruiting new Empresses to replace the old, ending with the crowning of Empresses dinoshark2000, pet-shop980, and LydiaTheX3noGirl (in that order) and the refilling of the Council. Unfortunately, just as the original Council had worked, Empress philip13_ left his Empress position one week after the second Council's completion, thus leaving one remaining position.

Queen Tournament

Due to the success of the Empress Tournament (i.e. the filling of the second Council), the Queen Tournament was planned for the following July 7 to July 13. This Tournament was announced over Hive Update 5.4, which announced this tournament's new rules. Here, rather than the lowering of the required rank (mixblood bull alien still needed), the objectives of the round itself were changed. This tournament was focused on the Queen special rank, thus altered the Pureblood round. For this tournament, the Pureblood round's rigourous requirement of 3 persecutions on the host lowered to 1 persecution. Also, like the Empress Tournament, all challengers of the revised Pureblood round could attempt the round as many times a day as they pleased (if one's round-of-the-day were sacrificed). In addition, the "old italian" skill of italian-stal during the Empress Tournament was reintroduced to give Hive members an even higher chance of completing the previously-unbeaten round. During the original run of the Tournament, only Hive member untimentcreeper managed to succeed the revised Pureblood round. Because of this lessened impact, the Tournament was later extended another week and ended instead on July 21. With this extra time, Bibi1005 won the round as well and became the clan's second Queen. Soon after, however, Matriarch italian-stal decided to allow member MULTIPLAYER1999 one chance at the revised Pureblood round despite the fact the Queen Tournament officially ended, for the long-dedicated player had aspired for a special rank for excessive time beforehand. MULTIPLAYER1999 succeeded, and technically became the third Queen as result of the Tournament. Thusly, the Queen Tournament yielded about as much victory as the Empress Tournament previously did, with three new Hive subleaders: untimentcreeper, Bibi1005, and MULTIPLAYER1999. This left 7 Bulwark of the Royals positions by its terminus. The revised Pureblood round was owed to a Hive member, though, and weeks after the Tournament, legendary alien kida77wolf became the fourth Queen via revised round, albeit after she beat the actual Pureblood round.

King Tournament

Just as the Empress Tournament was held in June and the Queen in July, the King Tournament was held at the end of August, beginning August 18. No finite date was planned for this Tournament's end this time, however, seeing the necessary extension of the previous Tournament and the fact Matriarch italian-stal was scarcely on during this time. The Matriarch appointed mad_hatter_968, pet-shop980, and LydiaTheX3noGirl to host the Alpha rounds of the Tournament while he was offline. This tournament around, italian-stal decided to make the ability of becoming a special rank the easiest it had ever been, since there were 25 open King positions upon the event's origin. Here, the rank required to do the elite round (in this case, the Alpha round) went down to mixblood drone, as in the Empress Tournament. Not only that, but the round itself was altered to temporarily rid the need to get a persecution in the Alpha round, making this Tournament the easiest to date. This was only half the case, however, due to italian-stal's absence. Only while he was online did the simpler "old italian" appear; the 3 Empresses chosen to host the rounds otherwise were ordered to go on normal difficulty, meaning the only opportunity for Hive members to face an easy opponent was when italian-stal himself was online, which was not too often during the Tournament. Near the terminus of the Tournament, however, italian-stal was commonly online again before disappearing into another hiatus. During this, Kings were thereby crowned left and right, various Hive members beating the hitherto unbeaten Alpha round. 7 new Kings were crowned during the Tournament, the most successful Tournament to that date. In order, the new subleaders crowned were numnutsforever, MeatEater010, Hitman_Valentino, xXRagging_GirlXx, Xx_MaYhEm_88_xX, LizTheXenoGirl13, and eyeofanubus and shadowlurker321 (whom share a co-King position). sdrbuck234 became an outlier of these Kings, for italian-stal owed him a revised Alpha round, even after the King Tournament ended. Technically he was crowned by the Tournament, but was only crowned after it.

Winter Tournament

Soon after Powergamer1998 became the Hive's second Monarch, the PS3 sector held a special tournament unlike any other before for some of the dreary winter months. Decided upon in a Hive Trial, italian-stal and other subleaders concluded the rules for a Hivewide tournament such a small this; instead of members being given better opportunities at special ranks, as the summer trilogy of tournaments had, this tournament was an organizational one where self-made teams of 4 would clash in special tournament-style Hive games and basic matches (the first Team Tournament). Beginning December 26, the Winter Tournament had a total gathering of 8 teams: the Chimeras (of italian-stal, SERPENT_COBRA_, Lotusofthesand, and untimentcreeper), led by SERPENT_COBRA_ and later Lotusofthesand; the Gentlegoonz (of Hitman_Valentino, Bibi1005, LydiaTheX3noGirl, and XDarkharXD), led by XDarkharXD; the Hellhounds (of XxRagging_girlxX, bmwexotics, leehellyer1974, and zachplooper28), led by XxRagging_girlxX; the 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse (of DEATHHOUNDS37, PhatMan02, numnutsforever, and chaosmage99), led by numnutsforever; the Mediocre Crew (of kida77wolf, HiveViper95, KOWLOON16, and chillout477), led by kida77wolf; the Hive Preds (of shadowlurker321, dinoshark2000, Kennett31, and pooma7), led by dinoshark2000; the Xiraaks (of veuve12, potato_bug10, crazyaxel78, and pp19012), led by potato_bug10; and the Millennium Phantoms (of aliciarenee71, Skull3nat3r, SERPENTX34, and iPhoneX90), led by SERPENTX34. From late December to early February, the Tournament occurred, some teams earning more points than others due to skill of the members, teamwork, or just the frequency each team would be present. The Tournament ended with a standstill between the two top teams: the Gentlegoonz and the Chimeras. In the end, the Chimeras won by default due to the absence of the Gentlegoonz. This made the Chimera team win the grand prize offered for the Tournament, causing Lotusofthesand (who was leader by the end) to earn an automatic Empress spot in the Council (the only Empress position ever won without use of a round or the Empress Failsafe). Ultimately, the top 3 teams were: the Chimeras, the Gentlegooonz, and the 4 Horsemen.

Ultimate Tournament

In late spring of 2015, italian-stal began planning the end of his reign as Matriarch by the end of the upcoming summer. The first step in doing this was to bring the subleader count back up, as no new special-ranked Hive members had originated in the clan since the King Tournament of the previous year (other than the grand prize of the Winter Tournament). As a result, a number of the subleaders gained during the trilogy of summer tournaments the year before began to lack in attendance; only some of them continued their responsibilities. Therefore, italian-stal anticipated the need of new subleaders to help out when the next Matriarch came to power, so as they could help run the clan whilst the next leader would begin to foundate herself. With the vote of a Hive Trial, the Ultimate Tournament was started in the first week of May and was to run the duration of that month, the longest Rank Tournament to date. The length of the Tournament was further extended, however, due to italian-stal's absence during the majority of that month. The Tournament went on to run the span of June and even went into the start of July, ultimately terminating on July 4. Over of the course of this extensive event, italian-stal once again integrated his "old italian" skillset so as to allow more members to become subleaders. Not only that, but as the last major Tournament italian-stal would host, 4 of the other special ranks (Empress, Deacon, Queen, King) were put up for easier claim, rather than the previous Tournaments for a single unnatural rank. This did mean that the Deacon rank would experience its first opportunity in a Tournament, as it was never offered in any of the preceeding four. For this Tournament, the requisites to do each special rank's appropriate round were once again lowered for needed rank. For the Alpha round (King), members only needed to be Mixblood Chestburster; for Pureblood rounds (Queen), it was Runner; for Deacon subround of Rebirth rounds (Deacon), Predalien; and for Council round (Empress), Bull Alien, all of which were in the first prestige. In addition, each of the rank's rounds' requirements were also lessened. The Alpha round now consisted of a 15-minute match where 15 kills, 3 glitches, and one persecution were needed. The Pureblood round was now a 20-minute match requiring 20 kills, one glitch, and 2 persecutions. The Deacon subround now only needed 20 kills, 2 variance, and a persecution in 15 minutes. Finally, the Council round required 25 kills in 25 minutes with 2 persecutions, 3 glitches, and one variance during the Tournament. With these objectives, the Tournament yielded 6 victors. Two individuals beat the Alpha round, becoming Kings: RogueAssassin5-0 and spidermanbk3. Two new Deacons rose as well, the first Deacons to have earned the rank rather than be deranked from an Empress to it: dragonsrule4444 and Tex-_o. Finally, 2 Empresses were in the outcome of the Tournament. One was untimentcreeper, who became the first Hive member to ever utilize the Ultimate Rank rule and occupy not only his new Empress position, but his previous Queen one as well. The second Empress was chaosshadow18, who was previously the second Empress ever in the clan during the First Council. chaosshadow18 had not been seen since his disappearance during the 2013 Recession, but as he returned to the clan during this Tournament he earned back his Empress position. These victories all set the stage for the future of the clan, as these leaders with the previous ones would assist the next Matriarch upon the end of italian-stal's final act as Matriarch: the Matriarch Tournament.

Game Week

In-between the Ultimate and Matriarch Tournaments, italian-stal wanted to attempt to go through all of the modes in each of the 11 current games the clan had at this point, so as to expose Hive members to modes that they had never voted for or experienced. (Although Game Week was not a Tournament in composition, it is categorized as one since it is a Hivewide event that changed the rules fundamental rules of clan events.) During Game Week (even though the event lasted nearly a month), voting for events was restricted and all members in the Matriarch's lobby would go through each of the 11 games and their modes in chronological order of their release. All special rounds other than Initiations and Rebirth rounds were restricted, and Rank rounds for the subleaders would be held at the end of the event. By the end, Game Week yielded a lot of ranking up for some members and large rank rounds for many of the Empresses. The week also yielded 3 new modes for Hive games: Terror mode (Races), Doom of the Deep (Pureblood Royale), and Hunt (Hive-and-Seek), the most new modes introduced at one time in over two years.

Matriarch Tournament

At the terminus of italian-stal's time as Matriarch, he announced the Matriarch Tournament's start on July 31 during the last Hive update during Age 6. During a Hive Trial preceeding the Tournament, the Council decided that second part of the Matriarch rule (forbidding Kings, Queens, and Empresses from challenging the Matriarch for leadership) was nullified for the course of the Tournament, so the experienced subleaders would have a chance at Matriarchy (as italian-stal was purposefully attempting to rid himself of the title). This meant all Hive members above Mixblood Chestburser rank could participate and become the clan's next leader. Originally, any Hive member of any rank could attempt the Matriarch Road, but for the Tournament the rank was actually raised to the second rank in the system because the Guardian round was eliminated and the need for one rankup in the clan acted as compensation. Usually, those going for Matriarch would have to conquer the Guardian round (Prematriarch round) before having the ability to fight in the Matriarch round, but for the Tournament this step in the Road was null and, for the first time since the beginning of italian-stal's reign, members could begin straight into the Matriarch round itself once challenging the leader. Once the Tournament began, however, italian-stal quickly realized an outside time limit to have his leadership revoked and therefore restricted the play of Greater Matriarch rounds so as to save time and have more challenges per day. Unlike previous Tournaments as well was the requirement to possess an in-game microphone, as italian-stal saw the necessity of the next clan leader needing to verbally communicate with players. During the event, italian-stal went a normal difficulty for his style to give members a chance (as usually a Matriarch round challenger would be met with an all-out italian). Even with this, italian-stal did not intend for any member to beat a round until he so chose. As one of the strongest xenomorph players in PS3 AvP at the time, italian-stal had the ability to stop any member he did not want to be Matriarch from becoming so and permit that which he wanted to be the next Matriarch. Therefore, the Tournament itself was truly one big decision for italian-stal to allow a Hive member to beat him and become his successor based on his opinion on not only their skill, but their personality and affinity to rule a clan as well. Primarily fighting for Matriarchy were Deacon dragonsrule4444, Empress/Queen untimentcreeper, MaxDeadBear, and yuikkjhyytrfg. In the end, italian-stal chose to lose a Lesser Matriarch round to dragonsrule4444. Thereafter, italian gathered as many Empresses together as possible for the Council Acceptance (giving some other subleaders temporary Empress ability so as to have enough people for the process), the vote unanimously calling in favour for dragonsrule to be the next Matriarch of the Hive Clan. Later that day on August 4, italian-stal sent out his final update to every Hive member and ally, past and present, about the fourth Matriarch of the clan. From then onward, dragonsrule4444 ruled the Hive Clan and italian-stal took a bonus Empress slot as CHAKRAMMblade and DARKWILFPHOENIX had.

Monarch Tournament

At the planned end of Sdrbuck234's time as Monarch he announced a Monarch Tournament with similar rules to italian-stal's Matriarch Tournament held the previous year. The fighters must have possessed an in-game microphone and be Chestburster rank or higher. Sdrbuck then realized that he, just as with italian-stal before him, was one of the strongest players in his sector (along with first Monarch trajectory989), meaning that few members in the X-Sector could even come close to beating the difficult Monarch (Matriarch) round. The fighters primarily attempting to be the next Monarch were Bloodygammawolf, B3ASTGODZ, DarkAncientWolf, Yoloer8893. Unfortunantly Yoloer8893 and DarkAncientWolf backed out of the Tournament only leaving Bloodygammawolf and B3ASTGODZ in the end. Sdrbuck234 ultimately chose to lose a Lesser Monarch Round to Bloodygammawolf, the second clan leader of the Hive to give up his position, rather than lose it to an individual of higher skill (as Sdrbuck was the apex of his clan sector). Thereafter Sdrbuck gathered the remaining X-Council and threw in his vote, along with all of the other Empresses to bring a unanimous vote calling in favour of Bloodygammawolf to be the Xbox sector's third Monarch. Later that evening Sdrbuck sent out a final update to every past and present Hive member about the third Monarch of the Hive. This was a short-lived change, as Sdrbuck went to his home sector of Playstation 3 but soon returned not even a month later to resume his reign as Monarch after attempting to usurp fourth Matriarch dragonsrule4444 of her poorly received reign.

The Monarch's Return

Not even a month after the Monarch Tournament, Monarch Sdrbuck234 ultimately decided to let dragonsrule4444 stay as Matriarch and support her when the time was required as he returned to the X-Sector to find it had ultimately gone into a state of inactivity under Bloodygammawolf. Monarch BloodyGammaWolf willingly requested him to take leadership back despite the rule that Empresses could not become future Monarchs. Bloodygammawolf, due to the little time he spent as Monarch, is only noted in clan history as a Temporary Monarch, as Sdrbuck234 continued his rule as second Monarch (of Old).

Summer Tournament

With the new generation of Hive members during dragonsrule4444's reign, highly active member MaxDeadBear suggested another clanwide tournament due to the rising clan activity seen in the summer of 2016. This idea was solidified in a following Hive Trial, where it was decided that a Summer Tournament (acting in conjunction to the Winter Tournament of 2014-15) should act as a good way to integrate several of the new members into the clan's history. The Tournament was to go by the same rules as the previous Winter Tournament, going by teams of 4 fighting against each other for the integral Hive Points in clashes. Once again, each team would have a leader and unique name to compete in a variety of team-based basic matches, Hive games, and limited-time modes for the Hive Points over the duration of the summer. The Tournament was to yield 3 teams: the Fierce Bloodz (with bosu2001, LydiaTheX3noGirl, Mattgamer570, and SERPENTX34), led by bosu2001; the Forbidden Nightmares (with MaxDeadBear, sdrbuck234, BLOODSHOT_59, and ana2003sa ), led by ana2003sa; and the Royals (with dragonsrule4444, italian-stal, UnstableXeno, and SHARKSHERK), led by UnstableXeno. The Tournament was announced in Update 7.2 and began July 1st. However, once the date arrived several problems arose. Both Matriarch dragonsrule4444 and italian-stal were unavailable, making it impossible for possible teams to clash, as either of them had to be present to host. Not only that, but despite the fact that the clan had activity not seen since several year prior, the lobbies of these members usually consisted of the same people. Overall, the clan had the activity to perform a clanwide Tournament, but not the number of members required to make enough teams. The Summer Tournament was thus cancelled in mid-July.

Combo Tournament

The following summer of 2017 saw an even higher number of average participants in Hive events, so much so that it had come to mirror the activity seen during the Hive's best recorded years during Ages 2 and 3. Again by the idea of MaxDeadBear, another clanwide Tournament was proposed for the occasion of the summer months. Due to the previous failure of the Summer Tournament, some of the general rules seen in previous Team Tournaments were changed so that more active teams could be made, more clashes for Hive Points could occur, and teams would be less unbalanced as they had during the Winter Tournament (where 3 of the 8 teams consisted heavily of well-known powerful players, leaving them much more likely to win from the start). For this Tournament, each team would consist of only 2 individuals (more of a partnership), cutting the required number of members to make a team (and furthermore any clashes) in half. Teammates could not both be of special rank or Species Executive title, restricting the known skill and powers of a team so that one team may not have too much of an innate advantage. Teams would (as in the Winter and Summer Tournaments) undergo battles against other teams of both Hive and basic events to win Hive Points; for the first time due to the new size of the teams, however, clashes between 3 or even 4 teams at a time could occur. Combo Score 2 The Combo Tournament ultimately started July 24th after Update 8.4 and saw a total of 16 teams by its end (☆ indicates leader of each team): Carmella's Culo (of bosu2001 and budsmokeronly24☆); the Dark Xiraaks (of italian-stal and Vincent_Bishop90☆); the Hierarchy Assassins (of yuikkjhyytrfg and sdrbuck234☆, originally TheAcePredator21); the Death Bringers (of piz420 and reganwison05☆); the Colonel Squad (of MaxDeadBear and gorrillas1978☆); the Elder Guardians (of ykgems and lizzardking5☆); the Winter Aliens (of AsSasSInMaRiUS06 and we-r2rocks☆); the Super Gojiras (of elpelvacas77 and supersaiyan056☆); the Shadow Lycans (of SHADOW-LYCANKING and Blake-X-BadXD☆); Dark Revolution (of COOLCHUCHO and gjoven☆); the Fundip Snorters (of Xp0gh and numnutsforever☆); the Crimson Hive (of de_ALPHA__ and NBA_Vizual☆); the Lost Chimeras (of bmwexotics and XxPioneer76xX☆); the Fierce Hellhounds (of DASHEDFLASHEDDC and milo_monkey07☆); the Embered Hunters (of KiLl-ThE-bOsS03 and mad_hatter_968☆); and Holy Wrath (of xenoboy05 and H_MBZ5☆). The Tournament ended with multiple teams having won their own Hive Points, although the Dark Xiraaks and Carmella's Culo ended up having the top rivalry for the win. By the end on August 22nd, Carmella's Culo won by 2 Hive Points for a total of 11, causing their team to win the grand prize. From this, budsmokeronly24 received an automatic Queen position in the Hivebloods. Following the Tournament, italian-stal stepped down as Monarch of the PS3 sector, leaving bosu2001 and de_ALPHA__ to take his place, and bosu2001 to not need his prize from the Tournament. Overall, the Combo Tournament ended up having slightly more participants than the very successful Winter Tournament years before, as well as more than 30 successful clashes between teams, leading the Combo Tournament to be the most successful Hivewide Tournament to date.

Empress Tournament II

Empress Tournament Pioneer Upon XenoWarrior6's dawn of her Matriarchy in summer of 2018, a number of special-ranked positions had been filled with myriad members for the last number of years, leaving the Council's Empresses the lowest that they had been in years. Thus, to incite interest in clan events and act as a precursor to the following team-based tournament of the year, a quick Empress Tournament II akin to that of the rank-based tournaments done years prior was decided to be undergone so that three new Empresses may rise. Beginning June 11th, the second Empress Tournament was to last a week as the first one had almost exactly four years beforehand. During that time, the Council round once again became available to those of mixblood drone rank. The round itself was extended to 30 minutes for challengers to complete the objectives against the easy hosting of XenoWarrior6, MaxDeadBear, and italian-stal. Ultimately, the Tournament ended early as the first one had, with Lionel_MessiUEFA, XxPioneer76xX, and Vincent_Bishop90 being crowned in the three offered Empress slots. This would act as the bridge into the team-based Veteran Tournament of that summer.

Veteran Tournament

Following the second Empress Tournament, it would be decided amongst the Council to host another team Tournament on a similar scale to the Combo Tournament the year before. Given the lowered morale that the clan had been experiencing during the progression of the Hive Cold War, a unifying clan tournament was agreed upon to be good means to bring the clan back together, including the fractured Council at the time. Unfinished


The Hive clan does have some rules and regulations. These rules include:

  1. Tolerance Regulation:The Hive is quite tolerant on players and their language/behaviour/background. All members desiring to join the Clan while not outwardly displaying high signs of animosity have the right to be initiated. Members are permitted to have their own opinions and language in matches, but there is a limit on how much one can do when it regards the Hive. If a member shows complete disrespect or threatens the functionality of Clan gameplay, punishment may be incurred. This standard varies from host to host.
  2. Matriarch Rule:
    • Matriarch Oath (part 1): Empresses of the Council, Queens of the Bulwark, and Kings of the Elites cannot become future Matriarchs or Monarchs. Even if they quit the high group, they cannot even try a Guardian round, then a Matriarch round (or a Monarch round) until a new Matriarch or Monarch arises. So they cannot be a Matriarch until the Matriarch after the current one they were in that group.
    • Triple Rule (part 2): All members have 3 tries per Matriarch to do a Matriarch round. If one fails a Matriarch round three times, then they cannot do another one, or at least a new Matriarch arises, to which each member has three tries once again.
    • Empress Failsafe (part 3): Previous Matriarchs and Monarchs have a free pass to the Council. If they accept it, then then will be an Empress, and the Council's overall number will increase by one. If they refuse, then they are automatically a Hiveblood Rhino Alien rank (if previous Matriarch) or Hiveblood Praetorian (if previous Monarch).
    • Acceptance Rule (part 4): For a new Matriarch to become the new one, the Council must do their Council Acceptance. If over half the Council does not accept the new leader, they must step down or take the Backup Matriarch (Superiority) round.
    • Road Protection Rule (part 5): Any alteration of the Matriarch or Monarch Roads as a route to said respective ranks may not be alterd by single Matriarch decision or straightforward Hive Trial vote. Any alteration such that impedes normal progress of either Road may only occur if by unanimous vote in a Hive Trial where the Matriarch is present and also concedes.
    • Absolute Rule (part 6): Matriarchs and Monarchs may not be any other special ranks, and if one becomes a member of the High Council, they must give away any prior held special ranks. Thus, Matriarchs and Monarchs are exempt from the Ultimate Rank Rule (see below).
  3. Monarch Rule:
    • Quintuple Rule (part 1): All members in a sector have 5 tries at the Monarch Road per Monarch. If one fails all 5 times, they must wait until the next Monarch or go for leadership in another sector.
    • Sector Rule (part 2): A Monarch's heightened authority exists only within their assigned sector(s); outside of this domain a Monarch has the equivalent authority and ability of an Empress.
    • Acceptance Rule II (part 3): For a new Monarch to take control of a sector, that sector's subleaders must do Sector Acceptance. If half or more of these special-ranked leaders do not accept the new Monarch, the challenger must step down and attempt the Monarch Road again.
    • Seclusion Rule (part 4): Monarch-led Trials without presence of the Matriarch cannot make decisions about other Hive sectors with acting Monarchs in charge of them outside the Trial-hosting Monarch's jurisdiction (i.e. a Monarch may not exile a member in a Trial -- unless the Matriarch is present -- of another Monarch's sector).
  4. Dedication Rule:
    • Obligation Rule (part 1): No member of the Hive has to dedicate themselves to the Hive. This clan has some members that just got initiated, played a round or two in the clan, and have not been seen since. Dedication to the clan is appreciated, but it is definitely not necessary. Any clan member can play with the Hive at any time a subleader is available; there are no punishments for not joining.
    • Friend Rule (part 2):The Matriarch only accepts friend requests from random players if they are friends to the Matriarch in real life or share some real life connection, or if one has officially joined the Hive as a member. If a member has not played with the Hive for over 2 months, the Matriarch has the ability to unfriend the player to make room for the new Hive members. This does not mean they are kicked out of the clan, but the player will no longer be in direct contact with the Matriarch.
    • Public Domain Rule (part 3): As of December 11, 2015, all forms of media or information contributed by members -- including but not limited to gamertags (including one's own account(s)), titles, ranks, games, modes, activities, rounds, glitches, and tactics -- of any rank to a Hive database (including but not limited to the Hive Wikia and outlying sources) officially become property of the Hive Clan wherein said member surrenders said idea(s) to public domain for use by the Hive Clan heretofore after initial introduction. No member may by intimidation or force revoke or decommission ideas of the Hive Clan as such without discretion of Hive Trial vote. The only exception to this rule is of forms of media (referring to pictures, videos, and/or audio files), which may be removed at the discretion of only the Matriarch and/or Executive Wiki Editor.
    • Hive Arrest Rule (part 4): All newly succeeding Monarchs, Empresses, Queens, and Deacons must undergo a trial period to permanently earn their position. For the first 30 days (or one month) after their crowning, these ranks must be actively online a present Hive sector (either participating or hosting). Empresses and Deacons must be on at least 2 days of each given week, during which at least one Hive event must be hosted by that subleaders (including rounds, games, and activities). Queens must host once every two weeks. If this standard is not held, that person is likely to lose their recent position; if passed, the subleader has permanently earned their rank and no longer needs regulated.
    • Extended Arrest Rule (part 5): As of February 2019, all normal-ranked Hive members have the ability to attain the Empress, Queen, and King ranks half a prestige after unlocking their respective elite rounds by accepting a modified and more intense version of their original Hive Arrest rules for the first 30 days. Empresses must host 3 times a week, Queens must host twice a week, and Kings must host once a week in order to permanently earn the position through this method.
  5. Spectation Rule:
    • Interference Rule (part 1): (*Original) When other Hive members are in a match of a special round, such as Initiation or Matriarch, they can only spectate from higher areas of the map, where they will not interfere. If players are on the battleground more than once, Matriarch has permission to kill that player for interference. If it continues, one may even experience a downrank.
    • Trust Rule (part 2): Those Hive members taking any special round (other than Initiation) have the ability to choose which other Hive members get to spectate their rounds. Those seen unfit to watch can be kicked by the host so as to lower possibility of disruption. Only those of special rank above Queen cannot be removed; undesired Queens and Kings may be removed if the challenger and at least one other player present do not have the desire to keep that subleader present.
    • Deduction Rule (part 3): (*Updated) As of June 22, 2014, Hive members are warned to keep track of which members they keep as spectators. All kills gotten by spectators by the end of the round during the match will act as deductions to the challenger's round (in kills, persecutions, etcetera). This rule only does not apply to those spectators of unnatural rank, for they cannot be removed to begin with. (The alternate version is not applicable in reverse; suicide kills of spectators do not add to the person's score.)
    • Elite Rule (part 4): In "elite" special rounds (Guardian, Council, Alpha, Pureblood, Omega, Matriarch/Monarch), any interference by spectators will get one warning, then severe punishment will be given if it continues. This will result in a downrank or several, depending on the offense. Other interruptions in other rounds and games will eventually lead to this if they are done repetitively.
  6. Rank Rule:
    • Overrank Rule (part 1): If a member reaches the end of a prestige, they can only hold extra rankups to the point of halfway through the next prestige (8 ranks), after which no more rankups can be held without a Rebirth round.
    • Extreme Downrank Rule (part 2): If a member is downranked past a prestige point (down a level in the system), they do not have to retake any Rebirth rounds they have already taken here, as they will only rank up to the next level automatically upon recovering these ranks. However, a retake of this round can be set by the Matriarch if the behaviour causing the previous downrank continues. All necessary Rebirth rounds are reset upon incursion of a Hive Requiem Resurrection.
    • Ultimate Rank Rule (part 3): Those of special rank can be multiple special ranks simultaneously (i.e. Empress and Queen at the same time), despite the previous rule that one would have to give up their last unnatural rank to get a new one. However, this is still not recommended. Matriarchs and Monarchs are the exception, and cannot hold multiple ranks.
      Plasma Caster

      The plasma caster is a weapon used by predators in AvP. The plasma caster is not looked upon highly in the clan, for the Matriarch comments it takes no skill to use because it has auto-lock capabilities. Members should restrict their use of this weapon, especially on the Matriarch.

  7. Special Round Rule: Each and every Hive member, no matter the rank may not do more than one special round per day, to save time for other group activities. Initiation and Rank rounds are the only rounds exceeding this rule. The Matriarch may give rare exceptions.
  8. Mode Rule: In the Hive, only 2 of the same mode or minigame of a Hive game is allowed to be played per day. This especially goes for the fast-ranking Xeno mode of Hive-and-Seek.
  9. Subclan Rule:
    • Inter-Intraclan Rule (part 1): As of August 1, 2013, no more subclans were allowed to be created. (*Updated) As of September 1, 2014, subclans are once again allowed to be created. Hive members may now create their own clans; from here, they then choose to make their clan independent (which shall begin as neutral to the Hive) or a subclan to the Hive. Hive allies becoming unified with the Hive have the choice to go from independent clans to subclans as well.
    • Initiation Failsafe (part 2): All members of subclans not already in the Hive are considered Hive allies. However, these allies automatically receive a failsafe and can be initiated into the Hive without need of an Initiation Round, as long as they have been initiated into the subclan first.
    • Civil War Rule (part 3): Subclans are not permitted to become enemies or wage clan warfare on other subclans. Such actions will be treated as treason, and the subclan will be kicked from the Hive as a neutral clan of its own. The subclan leader shall receive punishment depending on the offense.
    • Subsidiary Rule (part 4): the affairs and potential issues of subclans of the Hive are prioritized over that of such affairs for Hive allies, as subclans are technically a part and subsidiary of the Hive, and thus will be tended to first (the only exception to this is the Ally Failsafe).
  10. Ally Rule:
    • Ally Failsafe (part 1): in times of crisis, ally affairs and issues can be prioritized over that of subclans and the Hive itself; this can only be enacted via Matriarch or Hive Trial.
    • Enemy Failsafe (part 2): in extreme times of crisis where the Hive must isolate itself from an online environment, all alliances of the Hive may be severed (temporarily or completely) to make all clans neutral to the Clan; this can only be enacted via Hive Trial decision.
  11. Persecution Regulation: Matriarchs are to be treated with loyalty and respect as the supreme leaders of the Hive clan. This includes not ending a match persecuting the Matriarch -- such is considered a dishonour to the Matriarch as a leader. Any member ending a match persecuting a Matriarch is subject to a possible downrank (variable from Matriarch to Matriarch).
  12. Cross-Integration Rule: Those of special rank in any one sector (PS3, Xbox360, PC, PS4, AvP, ACM, GTAV, Warframe) are to be recognized as the same special rank in all sectors, as well as act in the same group (i.e. the Council on Xbox is the same as the Council on PS3). Monarchs are the exception.
  13. Veto Rule: As of July 2016, the Matriarch no longer holds complete and absolute power of the Clan. If any decision of a Matriarch is highly criticized, all other available subleaders may vote to revoke this decision. If a vote to revoke (with at least 5 votes having to be present) is unanimous amongst subleaders, the decision is undone. If all subleaders are exiled or kicked from their positions by the Matriarch, they may have a final attempt to undo this via this rule. *This rule cannot be singlehandedly edited by a Matriarch; only Trial decisions may edit this.*
  14. Uiicortul (Victory) Rule: Classified, contact Matriarch for details.