Hive Tournament is the fourth game created in the Hive (if the discontinued Hive Sumo is remarked as third). This is one of the longest Hive games in duration, rewarding winners 2 rankups instead of the typical one found in most games. Currently, seven modes exist: Hivoseum, Sumo, Deathpit, Doubleteam, Score, Chance, and Hivonaire. Previous full Hive game Hive Sumo would later be decommissioned to become Sumo mode of Tournament.
Alien vs Predator

The alien and the predator commonly duel, just like players in Hive Tournament.

Hivoseum Mode

The point of Hivoseum mode is to go through several 1 vs 1 matches in the center of an arena (i.e. the circle in Jungle). In fact, this game existed before it was utilized in the Hive. Members MILLERDUO, chaosshadow18, BamaMercenary, and Moises2wavey created and played this game before they entered the Hive, and their initiation brought this game to Matriarch italian-stal, where it was officially added as the Hive game.

This can be played as alien or predator, but predators can use melee attacks only. In this mode, 4-10 players can play. Two players choose to faceoff first facing each other in the Hivoseum arena. In each player's first round, they bow to each other. From here, the host leader counts to 3 then the fight begins. This is a melee fight, so no ranged attacks are used. If anyone tries to escape, a predator on the outside has permission to kill the player with a plasma caster; either way, leaving the arena forfeits the round to the other player. The loser of each duel is the one defeated or the one who flees. The winner then recieves a win, and remains in the arena for another player to come in and challenge him. Another round occurs. If the winner wins again, then he now has 2 wins. If someone dies, the new winner wins that round and now remains in the center until they are killed. Now, any player can come in any round once they think they are ready. A returning player continues on the track they stopped on (i.e. if a 4-time winner dies then comes in at a later duel to stop the current winner, they will be on their fifth round when they enter the Hivoseum). Contrary to belief, no player has to restart their rounds if they are defeated. Once a player wins 5 rounds, they must do a special match on round 6. The sixth round is known as the Jump round. This round is the same as all the others, except sometime during the battle the 6-round player's rival can call in a single jump attack from above, even after the rival has been killed. If the winner kills his rival, the opponent can still call in the jump attack posthumously to still take out the opponent. If the winner dies from the jump attack, but the rival has also died, the jump attacker is the one to stay in the ring, but has not recieved a win. Once a player wins 9 rounds, the tenth round is their final round, for the objective is to beat 10 rounds or duels of the game first, 8 normal rounds and the 2 specialized rounds. The tenth round is called the Double round, for once the player has defeated his tenth opponent, he must verse a second player immediately after, with no time to heal. So really the player must defeat 11 opponents in the tournament to win. The first one to defeat the first 5 normal rounds, the Jump round, another 3 normal rounds, and the Double round is the first place winner. Typically played in Jungle.

Second place can be determined by one of 2 methods: the Continuous method or the Trimatch method. The Continuous method has the second place winner be the second one to beat all 10 rounds. The Trimatch method is different, for it requires the player to restart their wins and complete a smaller 3-match tournament. The first round is normal, the second round is the Jump round, and the third is the Double round. The first one to beat this minitournament gets second place winner. It is the remaining players' choices on which choice to do.

The reward of this game is the higher reward of Hive games. The first place winner ranks up 2 times, not just one. The second place winner ranks up once, while third place winner ranks up halfway to his next rank. Since this is tournament, there are no ties.

Sumo Mode

Proximity Mine

A proximity mine, used in Hive Sumo.

 Sumo mode is the second mode of Hive Tournament. Originally, it was its own entire Hive game, Hive Sumo. This was the third-created game of the Hive, given idea by players alz003 and pet-shop980. Sumo mode is not played in the same fashion as Hivoseum mode, and instead is based on beating a championship to determine the first and second place players. (A championship is set up by randomly matching sets of two players to fight each other in a first round, the winner going on and the loser now out for the rest of the game, similar to bracket systems utilized in various sports). Due to this, at least 8 players (2 being predators) and an even number of each species is needed, so an even number of players is also needed. A special ring made up of 5 to 10 proximity mines must be created around each set of duelists. The 2 players stand close to each other while the ring is set by proximity mines. During the first 2 rounds, there are only 5 proximity mines used. The point of this is not to kill the other opponent, but only to push them back into the proximity mines. The survivor is the winner of that round. This is a best 2 of 3 setup, so if the first 2 rounds are beaten by the same person, no third round is necessary and the winner goes on to the next round in the mintournament. If a tie is after the second round (one won by each player), then a third round is needed to decided the winner of the duel. The finals (between the final 2 opponents) requires a 10 proximity mine arena, making it larger and making it more difficult for each player to push his opponent back. After attacking an opponent, each player should give the other some time to heal. If a death occurs, the remaining person waits in the ring while the other player carefully makes his way back into the ring (high jump as predator, drop-in from an alien). The final winner of 2-out-of-3 is the first place winner of the championship and the game. Best played in Gateway.

For winning the minitournament, first place gets a full 2 rankups. Second place (the other finalist) gets a single rankup.

Diamond Method

Sumo mode can also be played in Refinery, albeit each set of duels are fought on at the Diamond in the Big Room. Here, some mines are set around the ring, as well as in the level below the diamond, so that if an opponent either reaches the edge of the ring OR falls through the Diamond during the duel, they may die by the mines.

Deathpit Mode

Similar to Sumo mode, Deathpit mode is the third mode of Hive Tournament, made by italian-stal. This mode is played with all aliens, and is not too complex to setup. The setup of this game is a championship, like Sumo mode above. Two people will be matched together (meaning an even number of fighters must be present to play). The winner of the round will progress to the next round until the final 2. Unlike Sumo, this mode is also played best 3-out-of-5 battles in a round. However, an odd number of players will be present, as one predator is required to be there. The entire point of the game is a series of wall duels, usually on the Hive Battle Wall in Gateway. However, the predator is required because he will be placing proximity mines on the bottom of the wall. Therefore, once one person falls, the mines will kill them. Each duelist will get a win if their opponent dies by mines or by wall-tailing. Any fighter hit off better hope for the Stick glitch in order to get another chance here. If the opponent actually manages to dodge the mines, he does not yet lose that battle. The predator here, the Miner, will then set more mines. The 2 finalists, however, will fight a best 4-out-of-7 in this case. The winner of the round wins first place.

The first place reward is 2 rankups, while the second place is one.

Doubleteam Mode

Doubleteam mode is the fourth mode of Hive Tournament, created by numnutsforever. This mode mirrors that of the original Hivoseum mode of Tournament, except a new twist is added. This means this mode is played not as a championship, like Sumo and Deathpit modes, but rather the 10-round setup. The special twist is that each player will be fighting beside a partner, so the various small duels will have twice the amount of people at a time. This means there will be various teams of 2 that will work together to win the tournament. This means 8-16 players can play this mode. Now, each team can be an alien and alien, predator and predator, or alien and predator. Once again, only melee attacks can be used. Now, just like Hivoseum mode, this will be fought in the lower Hivoseum area of Jungle (or in the compound of Gateway if too many players for Jungle). The first time a team is fighting they will bow to the other team. Then, the Matriarch will count down from 3 for the duel to begin (technically a 2 vs 2). The last team standing wins that round. As long as one member from a team is still alive, that team remains in the ring, winning a round. If a member on a team accidentally kills his teammate, that person still is considered killed. The first team down after a round plays the survivors in the next. If a team is defeated, they still retain the amount of rounds they already won before they were defeated, like an individual in Hivoseum mode. After one team beats 5 rounds, the sixth is special: the Jump round. The opposing team fighting the team on their sixth round then gets to choose 2 Jumpers (who get one jump attack when called). The Jumpers may attack the same person on the team or one for each player on the team ring jumped. These jump attacks may turn the tide of battle, which is why a team on their sixth round must survive it. The seventh to ninth rounds are normal again, but the tenth round is the Double round, where the opposing team of the team on their tenth round gets 2 doubles, meaning their team is technically 4 people. The 2 doubles may not start attacking until the 2 original attackers are killed. If the tenth round partners defeat all 4 people, they win the tournament. For second place, only the Trimatch Method can be done (see Hivoseum mode above for explanation, except this Trimatch is with teams of 2). See Hivoseum mode for better explanation of the rounds.

The first place team gets 2 rankups per player, and second place gets 1 rankup per person.

Score Mode

Score mode, also known as Arcade mode, is the fifth mode of Hive Tournament inspired by MaxDeadBear; it is also the first new mode of a Hive game released during Matriarch dragonsrule4444's reign. Score mode is similar to Doubleteam mode in the fact that both modes are alterations of the original Hivoseum mode; thus, the game is played on Jungle, Gateway, or Temple (preferably Jungle to utilize the Hivoseum portion of the map). Just as with Hivoseum, predators or aliens are playable, as the mode is once again a series of melee duels. However, unlike Hivoseum (or even Doubleteam), Score mode does not focus on the player winning a set number of rounds in the ring; rather, the culmination of points is the basis for winning the mode and the 2 rankups. Aliens will have the advantage of variability in this mode, as they have more ways to take out their opponents in the arena. The objective is to get these points through killing one's opponent with a particular attack each round in the arena. Points received depend on the difficulty and the uniqueness of the move. Points per kill are as follows:

  • Any kill with a heavy attack (including distance, thunder/lightning, spin, etc. variants) is worth 10 points, as heavy kills are often the easiest to get in-game.
  • Any kill with a light attack (including jump attacks) is worth 20 points.
  • Any finishing move grab (excluding instakill glitches) is worth 30 points.
  • Any wall-tailing kill done by an alien player is worth 30 points.
  • Any instakill glitch finishing moves (particularly in alien v alien gameplay) is worth 40 points.
  • Any stealth grabs (including ghost grabbing), due to the rigour of such a move in a duel, is worth 50 points.
  • Finally, any unique, elite, or unconventional kill (ex. kida's tactic, Chakramm's tactic, italian's tactic, etc.) as deemed by the host is worth 70 points.

To win the game, players must attempt to get 250 points first based on kills. Like Hivoseum, the winner of each round stays in the arena, thus giving members the ability to get scorestreaks should they win multiple rounds in a row. Unlike Hivoseum mode, each time a player enters the ring, he must pay 30 points to enter (until such a point he reaches 0 points, to which entering is free), meaning winning the game either requires staying in the arena for multiple rounds or getting more-elite kills every time one is in the arena. When a player has 150-200 points, the opponent to said player will get to choose a Jumper, as all rounds for one at this point are basically Jump rounds (see Hivoseum above). Dying from the jump attack, even after getting a kill, will mean the player loses any points he got from that round. From 200 points onward, members must beat Double rounds (see Hivoseum), meaning two opponents will be fought in a row. (*Note: these are more challenging than normal rounds, but simultaneously offer quicker capability to get points to the player, as they are killing 2 opponents). If a person dies from the Double in a round, they lose any points they may have gotten against their original opponent.

Once first place is found, second place can be gotten for one rankup through the Continuous or Centennial methods. The Continuous method allows players to continue the game until the next person to get 250 points does. The Centennial method restarts all players back to 0 points, and continues the game until the first person reaches 150 points (with Double rounds beginning after each person gets passed 100 points). Like Hivoseum, this mode is typically fought in Jungle.

Chance Mode

Originally coined as Roulette mode, Chance mode is the sixth mode of Tournament, its creator being Empress de_ALPHA_ during the dawn of his rise to the Council. Like Sumo and Deathpit modes, Chance mode is structured as a championship, where sets of two opponents are matched up to duel in successive rounds where only one player proceeds upon defeating the other in a best 3-of-5 wins. This means at least 8 players are needed for the mode, and that number must be even for the correct matchups.

To play, members must be either all alien or all predator; the mode will be entirely of ground-based melee, so all pickup weapons and wall-tailing are prohibited. During a duel, two matched players stand right in front of one another, similar to how a round in Sumo mode is set. The member of higher rank (or general authority) will then proceed to initiate either a heavy attack or a fake heavy. The opponent must then decide to respond with a light or no action based on what they think the acting player will do. If the acting player does a fake heavy and the opponent responds with a light attack, the player will then counterattack the opponent. If the acting player performs a full heavy and the opponent responds with no action, the acting player will get sufficient damage on the opponent. If the acting player performs a fake heavy and the opponent responds with no action, then the opponent has successfully passed the acting player's turn with no damage; this is also the case if the acting player performs a full heavy and the opponent correctly counters with a light. Once one of these actions have occurred, the other player then has 5 seconds to initiate their turn and attempt a heavy or fake heavy (and for the first player to respond in kind). This process goes back-and-forth as each duelist loses/retains their health until one of the players dies. This counts as a win for the surviving player. The member that died will then come back and have the first turn to perform a heavy or fake heavy. This will continue until one player has 3 wins out of 5, and that player will go on in the championship. These best 3-of-5 rounds will continue to the semifinals and the finals of the championship until one player manages to win the finals. This individual wins the tournament.

As with other modes, first place wins 2 rankups, whilst the other finalist (2nd place) gets one rankup.

Quickdraw Method

The Quickdraw method for Chance mode would later be developed by MaxDeadBear during XenoWarrior6's short reign. The same championship bracket will be used, though this time duels will take place between two marines. Taking inspiration from classic cowboy duels/shootouts, the two dueling marines will stand back-to-back and will use grenades as their only weapons. From there, the hosting subleader will countdown from 3; when indicated to go, the marines will whip around and will attempt to kill their opponent with a grenade before their opponent can do the same. If the marines only get knocked down or both marines die simultaneously, no one wins that round. Killing the other marine while managing to survive counts as a win. As with the original mode, multiple rounds will be played until a duelist wins best 3 out of 5, with the winner going on in the championship. The one to win the last 3-of-5 in the championship wins the rankups.

Hivonaire Mode

A seventh mode of Tournament would be originally inspired by MaxDeadBear, along with the creative additions of numnutsforever, mad_hatter_968, and dragonsrule4444. Acting as a Hive Tournament version of Trivial Execute mode, players will be questioned by a knowledgeable host about the Hive Clan, its history, its events, its rules, and the general online community of Aliens vs Predator and Aliens: Colonial Marines, acting as a parody of the popular gameshow Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? To begin, the active players may be asked to get into a Hive Formation to be asked a question or may be allowed to casually walk around the map while questions are asked (depending on method of gameplay chosen). Players must be all-alien or all-pred, with predators only allowed to use melee attacks when necessary.

If members play the Small Method of the mode, all members shall be asked to get into Hive Formation as each member is asked an individual question, not dissimilar to that of Trivial Execute, that shall have 4 different responses (usually denoted A-D). If members decide to play the Big Method, players will be allowed to traverse the map while all members are asked the same question by the host, which may have 4 or 5 possible responses (usually A-E). Players will then privately send each of their answers to the host within a time limit so that other players will not get swayed by their responses. Regardless of which method is chosen, any players that get a question wrong each round will then be marked for dueling. Those that answered correctly will be safe for that round of questioning and guaranteed to move on in the tournament. Those marked for dueling shall then be matched up with another person that got the answer wrong and shall be put to fight one another with one life each so that only one is left standing. If an odd number of players gets a question wrong, then 3 people shall be put together to fight so that only one may go on. (Essentially, only half of the players that guess an incorrect answer will go on to the next round.) If only one person gets the answer wrong in a round and cannot be matched up with anyone, he will automatically be marked for dueling and will be unable to answer any other questions until such a round passes that he may be matched up with someone else. As rounds progress, the questions about the Hive and online communities usually become more specific and more difficult to ensure progression of the game. Eventually, the last 2-3 players will get answers wrong and will be forced to fight one another. The last player standing after the last fight wins and earns 2 rankups.