Proximity Mine

Hive Tours show many things to players, maybe even the best locations to put a proximity mine in a Hive event.

Hive Tours are the second activity of the clan, after Training. Hive Tours, as a Hive activity, are not used to rank up Hive members, but rather to overall help themselves in combat. Therefore, those who do a Hive Tour should not expect to rank up after at tour, although loyalty may be given to those who listen. The Matriarch or a higher-level member that is an Empress, Queen, or Deacon may host this. However, the host must know all the Hive key locations and almost all, if not all the glitches found in that map as well. (To see Hive key locations, see "The Landscapes of the Hive.") Members who take a Hive Tour will be brought through the entire map, learning all the Hive's key locations they may hear during other Hive events by other Hive members. They will also learn almost all or all of the glitches found on that map (depending on the Director or host). Any map may be chosen, but some maps are more known then others. The most-used map is Gateway, so it may be wisest to get a tour there. Not only will tourers see glitches and locations, but the Director should also be able to show the crowd the wisest ways to use parts of that specific map to their advantage, a real reason for doing a Hive Tour. Doing one in a certain map may actually increase a tourer's ability in that map afterwards. Feel free, all Hive members and allies, even outsiders or initiates of Egg rank, to take a Hive Tour and perhaps help yourselves to better know the Hive through the maps it plays in. Anyone willing to get a tour may have one, so this page can be helpful to all players of a PlayStation.