The game Operation: Hive Frontier (or OHF as its abbreviation), sometimes simply Hive Frontier, is the seventh game of the Hive, the final game created while Hive was only in AvP, before the Clan made its first major expansion to Aliens: Colonial Marines.

In OHF on AvP, the setup for Frontier is typically a mixed species team match of 2 teams. The ability of this allows each team to have their own plans and tactics without revealing them to the other team. At least 8 players are needed to play, while 16 is the maximum. This mode truely allows players to show loyalty or skill, 2 of the Five Methods to rank up. One team is the Royals, while the other team is the Opposers (with exception to Combi and sometimes Hivémon modes). The Royals team is often alien in species and has the current host subleader, while the Opposers may often vary in species and members. The members who join the Royals are showing loyalty to the Matriarch, while the Opposers are players attempting to show skill. The rewards of this game are very generous, for the winning team all ranks up once. There is no second-place reward.

Currently, ten modes exist for Hive Frontier, the most of any Hive game: Assault, Dethroned, Duel, Blitzkrieg, Transmutation, Kamikaze, Hivémon, Combi, Hiveball, and Minefield. Previous full Hive game Hiveball would be decommissioned to become Combi mode of OHF; the original name of Hiveball would later be reused for a different game mode.

Dethroned Mode

Dethrond is one of the 2 similar modes of Operation: Hive Frontier, created by BamaMercenary and mad_hatter_968. The Royals team of aliens is up against an Opposer team of other aliens, just like the K-series aliens from Aliens vs. Predator: Extinction. The aliens in this mode are "no longer loyal to their queen" and are "attempting to overthrow her." The team leader of the Opposers is a predator, the only one in this match (no smartdiscs or plasma caster permitted). This predator is leading a rebellion against the Matriarch, in this case. The Opposers are showing their skill against the Matriarch, who is the leader of the Royals team. Both teams need to defend their group leader. To begin the match, teams should try to start on opposite sides of the map (this should be planned ahead). The 2 teams must start in one general area, and after 1 minute after the match's beginning (time to gather to one side of the map and plan), the battle begins. The teams send out all "offenders" to battle, while "defenders" defend their group leader. The whole idea of this mode is to kill the other groups' leader. The group leaders may fight, but it is not advised for their well-being and how quick the match could end. The group leaders should go to more reclusive areas of the map. Once the other team's leader has been killed 3 times, the current winning team's leader must signal the end of the match by 3 hisses or 3 plasma shots in the center of the map. If both sides' leaders die 3 times before the other can signal, a stalemate occurs where the two leaders must face off where the signal would be given. If the Opposers win the aliens will have "usurped the corrupt queen and taken over as the new Hive leaders." The Royal's winning means the "corrupt queen keeps her position as another rebellion is stopped under her reign." To decide the winner, a minitournament must be played. Another battle must begin and will be done the same way. There can be 3 battles at most, the best 2-out-of-3 is the winning team. The winning team ranks up once for each player, and each member also recieves a bonus ranking up slightly from loyalty or skill, depending on which team wins.

Assault Mode

Assault mode is the second mode of OHF, to which the Opposers are marines. This mode was created by teddytom. Once again, the Opposers' team leader is a single predator, who cannot use smartdiscs, plasma casters, and now proximity mines. In fact, this setup is pretty much the same as Dethroned mode, but is played with the Opposers as marines instead. The Royals, still all alien, cannot wall-tail outside of the team leader. Players have a minute to gather and plan at the beginning, then the match begins. From here, members either attempt going out and killing the other team or stay back and defend the team leader. The objective once again is to kill the other group leader 3 times. Once that is done, the winning team has won one battle. No signaling needs to occur. The same setup is used, as another battle begins and it is a best 2-out-of-3 battle wins to win the minitournament and for the whole team to win first place. The winning team ranks up once and recieves a bonus to whatever Method of ranking up they did, loyalty or skill.

Duel Mode

Created by Matriarch italian-stal, Duel mode is different to the original modes of Operation: Hive Frontier. Here, the Opposers team can be all 3 species, but the team must choose one for all the players to play as (i.e. if the team chooses marines, the whole team must be marines, including the group leader). The Royals, once again, play as aliens and have the Matriarch as their clan leader. Each battle bgins just as it does in Dethroned and Assault modes: each team has the first minute of each battle to gather and plan on one side of the map. In this mode, however, all players are offensive, including each group leader. Once the battle begins, each player kills each other. Once a member of each team dies, they are out for the battle. The only ones with infinite lives for this section of the battle are the group leaders. Other members must hide or go into some spot where they will not interfere. Once all the members of one team's reinforcements are dead, then the group leaders will face off at the Diamond location in the Big Room. The team that had surviving players from the first part will help their leader during the faceoff. From here, all members may come and watch, but not interfere if they were dead players. The group leaders must kill each other 3 times. The first team to kill the other group's leader during this phase wins that battle. The group leader with extra players will indeed have a fair advantage over the single opponent. Just like before, this must be done twice, or 3 times if there is a tie, for it is best 2-out-of-3 battle wins. The first team to wins 2 battles wins the minitournament and first place, where they will rank up once each and recieve a bonus ranking up a bit for either loyalty or skill, whichever they used.

Blitzkrieg Mode

Another odd mode out is Blitzkrieg mode of OHF. Member pupgod768 created this mode after a game in his own clan, and this mode may be the quickest of any in Hive Frontier. The word blitzkrieg translates to "lighting battle tactic," an actual historic war tactic, hence the game's speed. This mode will be done fast and easily, but like the other OHF modes, it is a series of 3 battles (or 2 if the same team wins twice in a row) to win the reward. To play, the Royals must be aliens, like normal. The Opposers, like Duel mode, choose their team species. Unlike Duel mode, the Opposers leader must be a different species from their team. If the team is predators, for example, the team leader must be either an alien or marine. The Royals leader is still an alien, but a praetorian skin. Now this mode is usually played in Ruins, where the map is large and open. For the first minute, like all modes, no teams attack, but they gather in their room and plan out battle tactics. Here, the Royals start in the Pillar Room, while the Opposers spawn in the Tree Room. After the first minute is up, the match begins. This mode is different from the others because one team is restricted, while the other is free to move. During a first battle, the Royals team is not allowed to leave the Pillar Room. The Opposers are supposed to come to them and murder them. Now, the purpose of the game is to completely annihilate the other team. If a member dies twice (each normal player has 2 lives), they go to the room that is not being attacked to wait out the rest of the battle. The only difference in team leaders is that they each have 5 lives, instead of one. If a leader dies, their team may continue to fight, but their most-powerful member is dead. Once an entire team is whiped out, the remaining team with at least one member left wins that battle. The winning team's leader, whether they are out or not, will hiss, shoot plasma 3 times, or shoot 3 grenades to end the battle. In a second battle, the Royals attack the Tree Room, where the Opposers are trapped. A tiebreker match has the Royals in the Pillar Room again. The first team to win 2 battles wins. If a rare Double-Kill glitch (two members die at the same time) occurs, no-one wins that battle.

Protection Method

However, there is a special method to play Blitzkrieg mode specifically. This is called the Protection Method, created by pythor085. In this method, the teams are already premade, with one full team being aliens (the Royals), and one full team of marines (the Opposers). The Protection method is the only exception for a team leader having to be a different species in Blitzkrieg mode. Now, the marines get to use every weapon but the smartgun and the buckshot of the shotgun. In this mode, one marine will be chosen leader and one alien of praetorian skin will be the other leader. This is the exact setup of Blitzkrieg mode, but it is in Gateway. The aliens will start in the cave part of the map (the Council Caverns). The Opposers will start in the compound area. In all rounds, however, the marines will always invade the alien territory, not viceversa like in normal Blitzkrieg. The same number of lives are used, and the first team to win 2 battles receives the same reward as normal Blitzkrieg mode.

Transmutation Mode

The fifth mode of OHF is Transmutation, which was inspired by MaxDeadBear during the reign of dragonsrule4444, years after Blitzkrieg had been released under italian-stal. Unlike all previous modes of Frontier, Transmutation follows rules somewhat closer to Hive Domination in the fact that the leader of this mode changes throughout each match/battle; one person will not remain the leader of their team for the entire match. Like with Blitzkrieg and Duel modes, the Opposers may choose their species, but here so may the Royals as well. There is but one restriction: each team may only have up to one predator player per team. Predators may only use combi sticks, while marine players may use all but the scoped rifle. Before the match, as with all modes, the teams will choose their first leader in front of the opponent team, so that each side knows the opposite team's first leader when the game begins. Once the match starts, however, each team will go to their appropriate side of the map for the first 2 minutes (as opposed to the usual 1). During this time, each team will then choose 3 more people to be leaders throughout the match in a particular order (a 2nd, 3rd, and 4th leader) privately so that the other team will not know this sequence. No one person may be allowed leadership more than once per match. Once the game begins, each team will then attempt to hunt down the other team's first leader (which they know) or will attempt to defend their own first leader. Once a team's first leader dies, the second-chosen leader of that team will then come to power and must attempt to survive. This continues on for the 3rd and 4th leaders. Between each leader's death, a team must signal to the other team that a change in leadership had occurred, and that the other team has correctly eliminated the first team's leader at that time. This may be done by 3 alien hisses, 3 marine grenades, 3 plasma shots, or by text chat. Once a team's fourth leader is eliminated, the winning team's fourth leader (even if not in power at the time) must go the the center of the map and signal the battle's end. This is by 5 plasma shots, 5 alien hisses, or 4 grenades (depending on fourth leader's species). If both teams' fourth leaders are eliminated before either side can signal the end, a stalemate similar to Dethroned mode occurs and the two 4th leaders must face off. Between battles of this mode, the sequence of leaders may be changed. Once again, best 2 of 3 battles wins the game.

Repetition Method

The Repetition method of Transmutation mode was released with the mode when it came out, and follows all of the rules of the original. However, in this mode (a) member(s) of the team may be leader more than once per battle, as in they can be selected as one or two of the four leaders during a battle's sequence. The only restriction is that each person cannot be two successive leaders in a row (ex. first and second leaders); their leaderships must be separated by at least one other leadership (ex. first and third leaders).

Kamikaze Mode

Kamikaze is the sixth mode of OHF, created again by MaxDeadBear. This was also the first mode released under Matriarch sdrbuck234. As with most modes of Frontier, the Royals and Opposers teams will each choose a leader before each match. In this mode, however, both team leaders must play as predators, while all remaining members must play as all aliens or marines, with the Royals playing as only aliens. Marine players may not use shotguns or smartguns. For the first two minutes of the match, each team will go to their designated half of the map, while the team leaders will each get mines. With this, the predators will fulfill not only the role of leaders in this mode, but Rechargers as well. In this way, Kamikaze mode is the Frontier version of Suicide mode of Hive-and-Seek. Once the first minute is up, the members of each team will then attempt to take out the enemy's leader or protect their own, as with typical modes of OHF. However, team leaders will have 6 lives each, and celkworm's Suicide tactic is implemented. This means that the predator leaders can place mines on one or more teammates. The objective of these Bombers is to then attempt to suicide bombing the other team's Recharger leader. If the opposing team's pred blows up from the mine blast, it is worth 3 of the leader's 6 lives, or half of their health. Any normal kills (i.e. marine or alien directed kills) on the other team's leader is only worth one life, making the Suicide tactic a much more quick and efficient, albeit difficult, method of taking out the opposing leader. Because of the Pass-by tactic that may blow up the Bomber through any close interference of opposing members, this makes the Bomber's journey to the opposing leader difficult, especially in tight maps. This makes teamwork to protect the team's leader AND clear a way for the Bomber imperative, and the allocation of members very specific, as in most cases the Bomber will need at least one teammate to help them reach the enemy predator. Once all lives of a team's pred are depleted, the winning team's leader must then finish off that losing pred with their final, seventh life. This seventh life is only available after the first six are gone, and only the team's leader may get this life using regulated weapons (only melee and mines). (*Note: during this time, the winning team will likely go all offensive to help its leader finish off the other team's. If done correctly, the losing team should go all defense and attempt to get the rest of the winning pred's 6 lives before they can finish off their own leader, thus catching that team up to the point where both teams' leaders need only get one kill on the other in a stalemate.) Once this is done, that team wins that match. As with other modes, multiple matches will be played for a best 2 out of 3.

Hivémon Mode

Released at the start of the Combo Tournament, Hivémon mode was collaborated upon by MaxDeadBear and yuikkjhyytrfg and was inspired by the well-known Pokémon franchise, from which this eponymous mode was idealized. Unlike all previous modes of Frontier, teams are not determined before the match begins; rather, the teams are created over the first half of the match during the Capture portion. Set up in a common deathmatch, Hivémon mode has 2 players in the lobby play as marines, who will act as the de facto team leaders and Trainers, even though the setup appears to be a free-for-all. All other players will play as aliens or predators, who will act as the Hivémon (Hive versions of Pokémon) during the game. Once the match begins, the marines start in one area of the map while the Hivémon are given one minute to go out and hide in the map. Once this time is up, the Trainers will then go out and attempt to recruit the Hivémon during the Capture portion of the match. To capture a Hivémon player, Trainers must use pistols, scoped rifles, or melee on a Hivémon. Once this occurs, said Hivémon will be on that Trainer's team during the second portion of the match. That being said, Hivémon must be within range of all times on a map where Trainers may capture them, leaving high areas that marines cannot tread out-of-bounds during the Capture portion. Once all Hivémon are captured, the Battle portion begins. The Capture portion may end with most Hivémon being under one Trainer; thus, Trainers are to compete for more Hivémon on their team for the Battle portion. If one Trainer has all of the Hivémon, at least one must be given to the other Trainer, for the minimum number for a team is 2 (the Trainer and one Hivémon). The Battle portion begins then with both formed teams going to opposite rooms or ends of a map, wherein both Trainers then send out all of their Hivémon to fight the other team's. The Hivémon will then battle until one team has exhausted all of their players (each having one life), leaving only that team's leader left. Once a team has no Hivémon left, the Trainer or leader of that team is then brought into action, and has 3 lives to attempt wiping out the other team. A Trainer does not become available to fight on a team until all of his Hivémon die. During this part, the marine team leader may use all weapons except for the scoped rifle. The first team to wipe out the other's Trainer wins the match. Unlike all other modes, only one match is required to win the game, as different teams would be formed each match otherwise.

Combi Mode

Combi mode was created by Hive member untimentcreeper for Update 5.1 and is based off of the game of dodgeball. Combi mode was originally the only mode of the decommissioned Hive game Hiveball, but as a 2-team game it was later absorbed into the larger Hive Frontier in Update 10.1. As such, Combi mode is the only OHF mode where no team leader positions exist, instead acting simply as two teams of members with the same contributions. Additionally, as an all-predator based mode, the team names become the Elders and the Lords, after yautja types. The Elders is the team the host is usually on, like the Matriarch.

To play, this mode is set up in Jungle and requires at least 6 players to begin. The battle will take place around the Hole area of the Jungle map. At the beginning of the match, the host with point out the boundries of each side, the centerline for each team being right in the middle of the Hole. The pillars of each side can also be utilized, as in being able to be jumped upon and hid behind. To start the first match, all predators must attain a combi stick (the only weapon used during the match), cloak themselves, and go to their proper team side. Once all members are ready, the host shoots a smartdisc into the air, the only time the smartdisc is used. Once the disc flies, each predator team must attempt to throw combi sticks at the other team's players while staying within their boundaries. If a predator is hit with a combi stick or leaves the boundaries of his side (including falling into the Hole), he loses a life. The exception to boundaries are the Council Pillars, up on which the ground is neutral, allowing players to cross onto the enemy side and attack from different vantage points. In each match or round, each player has two lives. Upon death, that member must then get another combi stick as fast as possible and run back to his proper side to continue fighting. Once player loses two lives, he stands in the Hole and waits for the current battle to end. The team with at least one remaing player on their side wins that match. However, this is only one battle and the entire game, as with other modes of Hive Frontier, is a best 2-out-of-3 series. All predators must repick up combi sticks to begin the next round and/or match.

Hiveball Mode

During the short reign of XenoWarrior6, XxPioneer76xX would create another mode of OHF. Taking the prior Hive game Hiveball and reusing its name for the new mode, Hiveball mode acts as an AvP variant of American football (as opposed to dodgeball, on which the original game was based). Unfinished

Minefield Mode

Minefield mode is the tenth mode of OHF, lightly inspired by Vincent_Bishop90 and Tick Tock Timebomb mode of Hive Pureblood Royale. This mode involves the two teams of Frontier, the Royals and Opposers, containing mostly marine members while the team leaders shall play as predators fulfilling a Miner role. The mode will mostly be played in Ruins, though Outpost is also possible. When the match begins, Royals shall go to the Tree Room while Opposers go to the Pillar Room. For the first three minutes of the match, Miners will set all possible proximity mines throughout their main room, utilizing the Invisible Mine glitch if possible to hide the mines. All mines must be placed in areas accessible to marines. After this time, marines from each team shall go into the other team's room to find their mines. To verify the finding of a mine, it is likely a marine will be killed by each mine. The Miner team leader of each team shall remain in their original room to verify the destruction of their mines; marines from opposite team may not kill the opposing team's leader while they are following the enemy marines around, but Miner leaders may kill enemy marines with the combi stick to defend their mines. Because marines from different teams will be in different regions of the map for the match, there is little reason for opposing marines to kill one another, although if such marines do cross paths they may kill one another using pulse rifle only. The first team to find all of the opposing team's mines before the other team (as will be verified by each team's leader) win that match, though as with other modes of OHF, the first team to win best 2-of-3 matches wins the game and the rankups for its members.

Conquest Mode