The Hive Clan began its online presence on Aliens vs Predator on Playstation 3 in 2010. For years, this remained the Hive's only cross-sector and only videogame. This system was first expanded with Aliens: Colonial Marines in 2013, and later Grand Theft Auto 5 in 2014 (now decommissioned). The Hive would also expand to Xbox360 for AvP in 2014. All of these initial expansions occurred under the rule of Matriarch italian-stal; however, one such expansion was long proposed under italian-stal but was continuously rejected by the Matriarch: a PC or computer-based cross-sector expansion. This console/cross-sector would not be opened until dragonsrule4444 came to power, at which point a Hive Trial on Xbox360 would finally expand to the long-awaited cross-sector (this would later be followed by the 4th cross-sector of the Hive, the Playstation 4).

Despite the capability of the PC, this cross-sector currently only has one videogame sector within it: Aliens vs Predator. Additionally, the PC sector is perhaps the least-developed of all Hive cross-sectors, little action or time having been dedicated to its development. Because it does contain an AvP sector, however, this cross-sector possesses 9 Hive games, 17 special rounds, and 4 Hive activities, the same as any other console's AvP sectors. The PC sector also, unsurprisingly, has the lowest number of members in the Clan, with somewhere at or below 30.


As a multi-console clan, the Hive's domain lies over 4 cross-sectors, the PC being one of them. That being stated, the same general clan rules are upheld in this cross-sector as they are on all others. The same ranks (and their appropriate authorities and capabilities) also hold true in all cross-sectors of the Hive Clan (special ranks due to the Cross-Integration Rule); this goes the same for the Five Methods in ranking up. In addition, the Hive events established in the Aliens vs Predator sector on PC are the same and are handled in the same fashion as the AvP sector on Xbox360 and PS3.

The Monarch currently in charge of the PC sector's only videogame of AvP is trajectory989.