In 2010, the Hive Clan originated on Playstation 3 in the online universe of Aliens vs Predator. Since then, the Clan has expanded to other videogames and other consoles. The Xbox360, PC, and Playstation 4 have joined the expanses as their own cross/console sectors, each containing their own game sectors on which the Hive can be found.

When the Playstation 3 cross-sector was first created, during the Hive Inchoation, the AvP sector was added to act as the original home sector for the Clan. This sector would be the Hive's only for three years, as in 2013 the Hive would expand to Aliens: Colonial Marines, giving the home console of PS3 two games in which the Hive could be active. Playstation 3 would be the Hive's only cross-sector until early 2014, when in Age 4 of updates the Hive would expand to its first new console on Xbox360. Another expansion would occur later that year to Grand Theft Auto V for the PS3 cross-sector. The Hive would later create its PC cross-sector years later, followed by the Playstation 4 cross-sector during the Great Expansion. As such, this brought the total expansion of the Hive to 4 console cross-sectors and 4 videogame sectors. The Playstation 3 cross-sector has had 3 videogame sectors under it (2 of which are currently active), thus making it the most extensive of the 4 Hive cross-sectors.

Additionally, the Playstation 3 cross-sector still retains the most activity of all the consoles the Hive inhabits, even years after its creation, the original game of AvP still the strongest sector in it. With this, the PS3 cross-sector also has the most Hive events created for its sectors, with 9 Hive games, 17 special rounds, and 4 Hive activities available within its games. It also has the vast majority of members that have joined or been initiated into the Hive at about 2400.


Although the PS3 cross-sector has many subsectors in AvP, ACM, and GTAV (now decommissioned), It is only one of the four total cross-sectors in the Hive's domain. That being stated, the same general clan rules are upheld in the PS3 sector as they are on all other consoles. The same ranks (and their appropriate authorities and capabilities) also hold true in all cross-sectors of the Hive Clan; this goes the same for the Five Methods in ranking up. In addition, the Hive events established in the Aliens vs Predator sector on PS3 are the same and are handled in the same fashion as the AvP sector on Xbox360.

Currently, all active game sectors on Playstation 3 (AvP and ACM) are under jurisdiction of Co-Monarchs sdrbuck234 and MaxDeadBear, whom both share the authority of an original Monarch.