The Reaper round is another special round of the Hive, one that is important to normal members due to its presence as a normal special round. This round was thought of by mad_hatter_968, the Hive's Executive Idealist. Next to the Legendary round, this special round is the most rewarding special round in terms of normal rankups. This round is called the Reaper round because of its higher difficulty; it is most-likely the 5th-hardest round, excluding the Matriarch, Council, Legendary, and Pureblood rounds. This is also known as the infamous Half-Matriarch round, on account of its difficulty. As a normal round, this round can be played against by Queens, Kings, Empresses, Monarchs, and the Matriarch.

Another special quality of this round is that the special-ranked host has the ability to play as alien or predator, while the challenger (like many other special rounds) must play as the xenomorph. If the host plays as a predator, they may only use the combi stick or the smartdisc. In AvP, this is usually played in Gateway, just as many other rounds are.

The challenger has 20 minutes to complete this round, and they have quite a few objectives to complete in this time. Here, they must kill the Matriarch or host 30 times, which is the basic requirement for success. While this, the player must also perform 3 glitches while the host is watching in the midst of battle. All 3 glitches must be different; none of them can be the same as the others. Finally, the member must persecute the host at least once during the match. This is most-likely the most difficult task, but if challengers can complete all 3 tasks before the time ends, they win.

This round rewards the second-most normal ranks of all special rounds. If they win, players recieve 8 rankups, which is halfway through the 15 ranks of each level of the prestige system.

Bull Alien

Being the 8th rank of each level, the Bull Alien rank would be the rank recieved if one of Facehugger rank won this round.