Since 2010, the Hive Clan has expanded to a total of 4 different videogames on different consoles: Aliens vs Predator (2010), Aliens: Colonial Marines (2013), Grand Theft Auto V (2014), and Warframe (2014). The Warframe sector is the newest of these additions, and its sector is only available on Playstation 4.

AvP was the original game under which the Hive was created; it was not until years later that other expansions to Colonial Marines and Grand Theft Auto (decommissioned) were made on Playstation 3 under italian-stal. It would not be until the reign of sdrbuck234 that the Hive would expand to another game. In mid-2017, Warframe became the first videogame the Hive would expand to under this Matriarch; this particular expansion marked the start of the Great Expansion, the great plans under sdrbuck234 where the Hive was intended to expand to many new sectors and games.

Hive Events

As a younger sector of the Hive in comparison to AvP and ACM, the Warframe sector is relatively underdeveloped, especially since it is still classified as a sector under trial and has yet to be fully established. As such, it still holds less activity than the more-developed Aliens vs Predator and Aliens: Colonial Marines, but is not quite as sparce as the decommissioned Grand Theft Auto 5.

Thus far, the Warframe sector has 2 special rounds adapted for its new gameplay: the Initiation and Council rounds.

As for Hive games, few have yet to be fully adapted, albeit some simpler Hive games are able to be played on here. Currently, 1 mode of Hive Races and 2 modes of Hive-and-Seek can be performed and hosted on the Warframe sector. Hive Trials and Training activities may also be hosted by appropriate subleaders.

It is anticipated that more Hive events will be adapted in the future. As a sector under trial, there still exists potential for more development (unless the sector ultimately fails). With Warframe not being an Alien-franchise based game and having different game modes and play styles than the main AvP sector, adaptations will take more effort and time, but it is expected that newer members active on this sector will hopefully bring in these new ideas.


Expanded to in Update 8.2, the Warframe sector has only ever existed under the modern Monarch system, having been the start of the Great Expansion. As such, the Warframe sector had its first Monarch appointed to its charge soon after its creation. Currently, the Monarch of the only Warframe sector on PS4 is Lotusofthesand.