The Hive originated on Playstation 3 in 2010. For a number of years following this, the PS3 was the only console that the Hive Clan had any domain (albeit during that time the Aliens vs Predator and Aliens: Colonial Marines sectors both became active sectors under it). It was not until early 2014 that the Xbox360 first became a console cross-sector for the Clan. This would later be followed by more cross-sectors in PC (in 2016) and Playstation 4 (during the Great Expansion).

Over its time as an active cross-sector, the Xbox360 has had AvP as its only videogame sector. Despite this, the Xbox360 sector is currently the second most active and developed cross-sector of the Hive's total 4 consoles, after the PS3 sector. With the Aliens vs Predator sector under it, this cross-sector contains all of the same Hive events as are found on the same game in the PS3 and PC cross-sectors. This includes 9 Hive games, 17 special rounds, and 4 Hive activities. Additionally, the Xbox cross-sector also has all forms of the Five Methods and punishments. It also has the second-most amount of Hive members present in it, approximately 200.


The Xbox360 cross-sector is only one of the four consoles the Hive Clan can be found on, however. Due to this, all general clan rules are upheld in the Xbox360 sector as they are on all other consoles. The same ranks (and their appropriate authorities and capabilities) also hold true in all cross-sectors of the Hive; this goes the same for the Five Methods in ranking up. In addition, the Hive events established in the Aliens vs Predator sector here are the same and are handled in the same fashion as the AvP sector on PS3 and PC.


Originally when the Clan expanded to Xbox360 in Age 4 of updates, a new special rank denoted as the Monarch was created to act as the Matriarch's counterpart for the Xbox and any possible games it may have expanded to. This rank could not coexist with the Matriarch on the same cross-sector, the Monarch acting on Xbox and the Matriarch on Playstation 3. Such a position would remain the same through the reigns of italian-stal and dragonsrule4444. The Monarchs during this time were trajectory989, Powergamer1998 (sdrbuck234), and darklyViper (Bloodygammawolf); these leaders are now known as the Monarchs of Old or First Era Monarchs. It was during Age 8 that Monarchs became pseudo-Matriarch sector leaders and an entirely separate rank from the Matriarch (instead of a sub-counterpart).

Currently, the Monarch in charge of the Xbox's only sector of AvP is trajectory989.