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Welcome to the Shadow Lycans clan wiki (also known as lycans or SL for short)! This is a clan mostly based around aliens vs predator 2010. Throughout the years SL had built a reputation good and bad. In addition the clan itself members have come and go, leaders ruling then stepping down. Although it was the 3rd best clan back in the day but, since then things have changed so have the SL members. Through the leadership handing down to may people SL has fallen twice in the past years some wish to keep the clan running.

this whole wiki is still in creation things will be added and changed

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here is the index upfront to check anything you want to check out!

  • History
  • ranks
  • members
  • initiation
  • Training
  • Clan battles
  • Lycan hall of fame
  • Lycan connections
  • Allies
  • Subclans
  • Sparring

Latest News Edit

wikia page created 1/5/2018

ranking system was created

new initation system was created

rounds and games are created

allied to the CC clan